Past Updates

January 27, 2009: Quickie Update

First: Spuffy Awards
Voting at Spuffy Awards closes this Saturday, January 31. If you haven't voted, please go and do so now! There are some great nominees and many of the categories are really close. Go do your Spuffy duty and vote!

Second: Updated Stories
Safe in My Own Skin: Ch 11
The Song Remains the Same: Ch 75
Betrayal: Ch 2
The Triple Fool: Ch 29
The Writing on the Wall: Ch 18
Healing: Ch 81-85
Origins: Resolutions: Ch 27
The Return: Ch 15-19
An Unaccomplished Fate: Ch 3-4

Third: New Story
Power and Prophecy by dampersandspoons [NC-17, WIP, Sequel to Delust or Dust]

Hope you enjoy!

Posted by Yani

January 12, 2009: Uber-Tiny Update

Viewing & Printing Stories
You now have the option of viewing a multi-chapter story in its entirety on one page. Just click on the "View Entire Story" link at the top of a story page. The links to  chapters will take you right to a chapter on that same page--a lot like the old archive used to.

If you want to print a story, I've formatted the print page so that only the story title, summary, chapter text and any author notes print. From there you can print right to your printer or if you can, to PDF.

Question: Would it be useful to you as a reader to be able to download a PDF version of a story? Let me know.

Delust or Dust: Ch. 12-15 Finished
Working My Way Back to You: Ch. 27
Healing: Ch. 80-81
Not Dead: Ch. 12
An Unaccomplished Fate: Ch. 2
The Song Remains the Same: Ch. 74

It's small, but I hope you enjoy the updates!

Posted by Yani

January 03, 2009: An Update...

First update of the new year; it's small, but I hope you enjoy!

Delust or Dust: Ch. 11
Against All Odds: Ch. 21
The Song Remains the Same: Ch. 71-73
Healing: Ch. 78-79
The Writing on the Wall: Ch. 17
Not Dead: Ch. 3-11
The Return: Ch. 10-14

New Stories:
Stuck on You by Enigmaticblue [PG, Finished]
Under the Sun by Enigmaticblue [PG-13, Finished]
An Unaccomplished Fate by Enigmaticblue [PG-13, Finished]
Keystone by Winsomeone [PG-13, Finished]
Something Real by dampersandspoons [NC-17, Finished]
When We Fight by fer1213 [NC-17, Finished]
Power Play by Vanilla [NC-17, Finished]
Lost by Vanilla [NC-17, Finished]

Hope your 2009 is off to a great start!

Posted by Yani