Past Updates

January 28, 2008: And Another Update...

The Eternal Rocks Beneath: 17-19
The Song Remains the Same: 66-67
Trouble With Keeping Promises: 28
Changeling: 24
Strawberry Fields: 25
Forward to Time Past: 52
The Last Storm: 31
Dreams Do Show Thee to Me: 2-3
Future Sins Past: 54-56

New Stories:
Tempt Me Not by Addie Logan [NC-17, WIP]
Dreaming of Christmas Trees by Jaesha [NC-17, WIP]
One by squawks [NC-17, WIP]

New Author:
Witchiepoo : Take a Chance [NC-17, WIP]

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January 27, 2008: A Tiny Update

Distance by Herself    Chapters 21 -40

Tempesta di Amore by Holly  Chapter 23

The Art of Immortality by Dusty273   Chapters 18-20


More updates coming soon!


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January 10, 2008: One More Go

New Stories by Herself :  (All Complete)

Spike's Girl  

A Terrible Thing 

Let's Get Lost


Lift   (A small sequel to Disenchantment)

Some Scenes from the Later Life of Two Heroes



Look for more updates in the near future!!

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January 10, 2008: January 2008 Updates

Happy New Year 2008!!!

Updated Stories:            Chapters:

Origins: Resolutions      12-13

The Last Storm             30

Future Sins Past            53

Art of Immortality         16-17

Hello Again                  8-10  Complete

Gardens of Oblivion      15

New Story by SpikesDeb 

Dreams Do Show Thee to Me   Chapter 1

New Author:   Herself

Distance        Chapters 1-20  (WIP)

Beneath        Chapter 1   (Complete)

A Totally Random Occurrence  Chapter 1 (Complete)


More updates soon!


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