Past Updates

October 23, 2007: Updates

Sorry for the delay and the short update.

Brothers in Arms: 15-17
Fix You: 39
Forward to Time Past: 47
Future Sins Past: 45
I Know You, II: 26-Epilogue
Origins: Resolutions: 9
Personal Attention: 24
Strawberry Fields: 22-23
Tempesta di Amore: 19
The Art of Immortality: 11
The Favourite: 11
The Last Storm: 25
The Trouble with Keeping Promises: 27

Posted by Yani

October 12, 2007: October Updates

New Story:

Naughty, Dirty Things by Spikesdeb  1-3 Complete

Updated Stories:

Future Sins Past    44

The Art of Immortality  9-10

Strawberry Fields  20-21

Tempesta di Amore  17-18

Brothers in Arms 11-14

Fix You 37-38

Posted by Adriana

October 02, 2007: Tiny Change with Reviews

I decided to do a few tiny internal tweaks to Nocturnal Light. Probably the only one that really impacts you is in the reviews section. Anyone that's left a review in the past, knows that an email address is required. That hasn't changed, however, now the email address is NOT displayed on the Reviews page. This is just a slight move to help protect your privacy and prevent spam attacks. 

Why is the email still required? It gives authors a way to contact/reply to your review, and answer any of your questions.  So yes, authors do get your reviews! Please, when you review, be sure to provide helpful feedback, and not just ask for the next update. Authors work hard on their stories and deserve more substantial encouragement.

Thank you.

Posted by Yani