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34 Reasons I Never Called You by Anaross
Summary: After Not Fade Away. A list of excuses from Spike.
Category: Post-AtSRating: PG-13 • Chapters: 1 • Reviews (6)
Completed: Yes • Date Added: 05-30-06 • Last Updated: 05-30-06 • Read: 7507 times
A Brand New Life by OKDeanna
Summary: *Canon-Post Series/Non-Comics* Spike shows up on Buffy’s doorstep two days after Christmas, gift wrapped present in hand and a ready excuse falling from his lips. Will Buffy accept his apology for staying away so long… or will she once again kick him out of her life, this time for good?
Category: Post-BtVSRating: PG • Chapters: 1 • Reviews (4)
Completed: Yes • Date Added: 12-28-08 • Last Updated: 12-28-08 • Read: 5193 times
A Bumpy Christmas by Slaymesoftly
Summary: Takes place almost a year after the events of Things That Go Bump. Spike's been back for awhile and W & H has figured it out. Turns out they aren't through with him...
Category: Alternate UniverseRating: PG-13 • Chapters: 5 • Reviews (3)
Completed: Yes • Date Added: 12-28-08 • Last Updated: 12-28-08 • Read: 7207 times
A Chance in Hell by dampersandspoons
Summary: An apocalypse threat in Maryland requires a vampire's help to disenchant a stone used in the ritual to destroy all of mankind. Since Angelus is still without his soul, Buffy is forced to ask the one vampire she hates for a hand. The problem is, he's in a wheelchair. What happens when a crippled vamp and a slayer make a cross-country trip to save the world? Will they kill each other before they get there, or will her horrible driving do the job for them? But what if they found solace in one another's company instead? Could it be? Yes, it most certainly could.
Category: Season 2Rating: NC-17 • Chapters: 21 • Reviews (26)
Completed: Yes • Date Added: 10-02-08 • Last Updated: 03-21-09 • Read: 82466 times
A Day in the Life by Just_Sue
Summary: Some time in an alternate, nicer S5 - where the key is a key, Riley is gone, and Glory is somewhat misplaced in LA – a glimpse at a day in the life of Spike and Buffy.
Category: Season 5Rating: PG-13 • Chapters: 1 • Reviews (6)
Completed: Yes • Date Added: 11-29-08 • Last Updated: 11-29-08 • Read: 3966 times
A Day Out by Kantayra
Summary: Early summer after Season 4. Buffy decides to spend a cloudy day at the mall, only to discover that a certain annoying, hyperactive, peroxide vampire had the same idea. Much wackiness ensues.
Category: Season 4Rating: R • Chapters: 1 • Reviews (19)
Completed: Yes • Date Added: 06-27-06 • Last Updated: 06-27-06 • Read: 12393 times
A Demon's Deal by Mahaliem
Summary: Spike comes back wrong.
Category: Season 7Rating: R • Chapters: 1 • Reviews (7)
Completed: Yes • Date Added: 07-11-06 • Last Updated: 07-11-06 • Read: 5892 times
A Dream Come True? by Mabel Marsters
Summary: Spike loves Buffy but she has never been anything but cold until now...
Category: Season 5Rating: NC-17 • Chapters: 1 • Reviews (5)
Completed: Yes • Date Added: 02-03-08 • Last Updated: 02-03-08 • Read: 8693 times
A Dying Dream by Europanya
Summary: Canon through BtVS, AU for AtS, season 5. A decade after closing the Hellmouth and doing time in Hell, Spike is living in San Francisco, a lone vampire in a world nearly wiped clean of demons, when Buffy unexpectedly finds her way back to him.
Category: AtS Season 5Rating: NC-17 • Chapters: 14 • Reviews (3)
Completed: Permanent WIP • Date Added: 06-21-06 • Last Updated: 06-21-06 • Read: 20191 times
A Ghost of Christmas Past by Enigmaticblue
Summary: AtS Season 5, up to Destiny. A plotless piece of Christmas Spuffy fluff.
Category: AtS Season 5Rating: PG-13 • Chapters: 3 • Reviews (7)
Completed: Yes • Date Added: 06-20-06 • Last Updated: 06-20-06 • Read: 12059 times
A Goodbye by Lady Wenham
Summary: Buffy and Spike share a brief moment together before the final battle. This story takes place during Chosen.
Category: Season 7Rating: PG • Chapters: 1 • Reviews (2)
Completed: Yes • Date Added: 07-11-06 • Last Updated: 07-11-06 • Read: 3463 times
A Little Tenderness by ya_lublyu_tebya
Summary: After Spike's torture by the First, Buffy does all she can to nurse him back to health, surprising herself with her own tenderness. Once he is back at full health, will this attitude continue though?
Category: Season 7Rating: R • Chapters: 17 • Reviews (13)
Completed: Yes • Date Added: 10-10-08 • Last Updated: 11-09-08 • Read: 43915 times
A Loss of Pride by Mabel Marsters
Summary: Response to a challenge set by anon462 on Elysian Fields. Set post season finale of both AtS and BtVS. Spike has shanshued but hates it. Angel tries to help him adjust but Spike resents it. One day he is seriously injured in a fight with demons and Angel turns to the one person who he knows can help Spike recover - Buffy - how will she react to the news that Spike's alive?
Category: Post-AtSRating: PG-13 • Chapters: 42 • Reviews (9)
Completed: Yes • Date Added: 05-26-08 • Last Updated: 05-26-08 • Read: 66705 times
A Love Like Ours by Holly
Summary: Buffy is broken, and Spike is determined to again make her whole by giving her what she needs most: an ear to bend, a shoulder to cry on, and, most importantly, someone who understands.
Category: Season 6Rating: NC-17 • Chapters: 5 • Reviews (15)
Completed: Yes • Date Added: 09-07-07 • Last Updated: 09-28-07 • Read: 26361 times
A Marriage by Will by Dusty273
Summary: In order for Buffy to keep the place she calls home, she has to abide by her Aunt Jenny’s will and marry the man she despises the most, Spike Withers. She’s under the belief the feeling is mutual… but, is it really? And what will happen when Jenny keeps throwing them curve balls from the grave?
Category: Fantasy/All HumanRating: NC-17 • Chapters: 3 • Reviews (24)
Completed: No • Date Added: 01-03-10 • Last Updated: 05-09-12 • Read: 9325 times