College is Awesome! by dampersandspoons

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Summary: When lovable nerd William Pratt embarks on his first year of college, little does he know what challenges and perils await him! Similar frustrations grace popular Buffy Summers who just can't seem to meet a good guy. Will Sci-fi obsession, virginity and geekiness keep William's urges at bay? Will Buffy ever find the man of her dreams? Can these two opposites beat the odds and become the campus odd couple or will their screwball friends continue to feed their insecurities? It's not 1980, but it sure feels like it in here!

Author's Notes: This was written specifically for Val, who wanted a real nerdy William story with NO Spike tendencies and to base it in college, where all sorts of crazy shenanigans can and do take place. I was up for the challenge! This will not be very long, it is completely ridiculous and silly, and a bit of "aww" thrown in for good measure. I hope you enjoy it!

I just needed something fluffy in between my serious stories. I forgot that I wrote this a few months ago...OOPS! Here's the first chapter, though.

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Chapter Notes: Hope no one minds a short interlude into Wesley and Cordelia's love affair!! Because, uh...that's what this is. ENJOY! Please, note the humor and tongue-and-cheekiness of this chapter.

Chapter 14
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Chapter Notes: Wow, so, this hasn't been updated in eleven thousand years. I totally had this finished months ago AND FORGOT TO POST IT. Yeah, I'm totally under control here. Anyway, those of you that kept up with this silly story, I hope you enjoyed it and I hope it made you laugh. Thank you for the fun times! :)