Cast Me Not Away by Enigmaticblue

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Summary: Spike leaves after "Dead Things," wanting nothing more than to get Buffy out of his head. Wesley's still an independent contractor after the events of "Loyalty." And the Slayer's still living in the land of denial.

Author's Notes: I've always thought that Buffy got off way too lightly for the beating she gave Spike in "Dead Things." And we all know how wonderful S4 of Ats was. So this is my version of things. In my universe, Spike left Sunnydale, and there was never a plot to get Cordy to become some sort of vessel for Jasmine. She stops Connor from sending Angel to the bottom of the ocean, and they both admit to loving one another. And, because no one can have a perfect moment of happiness with a teenager running around the house, Angel doesn't lose his soul when he and Cordy finally consummate the relationship. Unfortunately, this leaves poor Wes still out in the cold because Angel can hold a grudge like no other.

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Prologue-Chapter 5
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Chapter 26-Epilogue
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