Baby, It's Cold Outside by Addie Logan

Reviews (2)Rating: NC-17

Summary: Season 4, post-Hush. Spike and Buffy stuck together for Christmas… Can anyone say warm fuzzy holiday fluff?

Author's Notes: This story takes place sorta between "Hush" and "Doomed," even though the beginning of "Doomed" is like five seconds after "Hush." So, it's in some imaginary block of time after the discussion Buffy and Riley have in her dorm room. And after that, it's all off-canon from there. And for this fic, Spike has yet to find out he can hit a demon, and he never moved out of Giles's apartment. He went back after Olivia left. Everyone clear on that? Good.

Also, this fic is total fluff. I felt like writing a warm and fuzzy holiday fic just cause. Hope you like it. :)

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