Dare to Dance by Dusty273

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Summary: What happens when Spike is forced to spend two weeks with his best friend’s daughter, who grew from a scrawny preteen into a golden goddess he just can't ignore? Will he dare to cross the line, or will he avert her flirtatious advances now that she noticed how he really feels about her?

Author's Notes: Before you ask, yes, I know I’m crazy for starting yet another WIP. However, muse has been behaving lately and proof of it is that I’ve written 3 chapters of 3 different stories in a little over a week. And she isn’t showing signs of tiring out yet, so I’m making the best of it. This idea has been running in my head for a bit and well, I just had to write it for taboo_spuffy, hope you enjoy!

Written for the new LJ community Taboo Spuffy Fantasy Stories (http://community.livejournal.com/taboo_spuffy). Taboo Spuffy is an adult oriented community created by OKDeanna and I, where the primary focus is on the dark, naughty, kinky, all human fantasy stories. We do allow the occasional vampire/slayer story provided it’s dark, naughty, kinky or taboo (ie. Underage Buffy seduced by vampire Spike, etc). Starting July 1st, we are taking signups for the first ever Taboo Spuffy Fall Fantasy Ficathon. The theme for the Fall Ficathon is Back To School with stories being posted starting on September 22nd 2008.

Betas: My wonderful friends IBE and OkDeanna, I’d truly be lost without you, cariños! Thank you very much for your encouragement, edits and awesome suggestions. And thankee Carrie for the read-through. :D

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Chapter 1. Losing Control
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Chapter 2. Foreplay
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Chapter 3. Falling Into You
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Chapter Notes: Sorry for the delay in updating but juggling 3 WIPs is not too easy, especially with a muse as fickle as mine. *sighs* But I should be thankful she hasn’t disappeared altogether, shouldn’t I? *giggles*

As always, thank you to those of you who take the time to review, you wouldn’t believe how much your words mean to me. A million thanks to my lovely Tina, for her invaluable suggestions, her edits and her friendship, I couldn’t do this without you, cariño! *snuggles*

Chapter 4: Rising Storm
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Chapter 5: Eye of the Storm
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Chapter 6: Questions, Answers and Consequences
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