Belly of the Beast by OKDeanna

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Summary: *Sequel to Constant Craving* When William “Spike” Pratt walked out of her life nearly seven years ago, Buffy Summers never expected to see him again. But here he was, home for her mother’s funeral and determined to get her to open up to him by using whatever means he deemed necessary… even if it meant holding her hair back when she got sick.

Author's Notes: Written as an extremely demanded follow up for my Spuffy Fantasy art-to-fic, all human challenge response, Constant Craving. CC is an NC-17 short story featuring a younger, blunt Buffy and an older, more cautious Spike, well, cautious until Buffy pushes him too far, that is. ;-) Thank you to everyone who read and reviewed Constant Craving, I hope you enjoy the sequel and are ready for its bumpy ride!

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Chapter 1: A Death In The Family
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Chapter 2: Comfort and Clarity
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Chapter Notes: Quite a bit of emotional turmoil going on in this chapter so I thought I'd be nice and warn you all about it first. Joyce is not painted as a nice woman here, either, but for the purposes of the story I am telling, this is the way it has to be. Please remember this is an AU all human story I am writing and therefore not everything here will be as it was in show canon. Also, thank you to everyone who reviewed the last chapter. I know I owe some responses, or a lot of responses actually, and I promise I will get to them. Life's just been a bit crazy for me is all.

Chapter Three: The Ties That Bind
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Chapter Notes: So I spent the past two days getting a reserve of chapters built up on this story, which means, for you, that I will have regular once a week updates for the next few weeks. No more long waits between chapters, folks! :-) This chapter really starts the ball rolling on this story and given that I've already got the next four chapters written, I can say with "absolute clarity" that Spike and Buffy are in for a fun, bumpy ride. I do hope you'll go along with them on the rest of their journey, it's sure to be an exciting time!

Chapter Four: Frayed at the Edges
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Chapter Notes: Not quite sure how many read these things, or how many even want to know when a chapter contains a bit of angst, but just in case... high angst, heavy emotion ahead! Tread accordingly! Special thank you to Mari for the beta! You so ROCK!

Chapter 5: A Diamond In The Rough
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Chapter Notes: I'm extremely thrilled with the direction this story has taken and I'm very excited by all the wonderful reviews I have received for it. Thank you so very much to everyone that has left a review thus far on this story. I do appreciate them so very much and will be answering them more personally within the next couple of days. Special thank you to Mari for the beta on this one, and to Sotia and Im_Bloody_English for the encouragement and support of all my writings. *hugs you all tight*:-)

Chapter 6: Terminal Velocity (Fatal Speed)
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Chapter 7: The Day the Earth Stood Still
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Chapter Notes: Warning: This chapter is high in emotion. It comes from something I have personal experience with and as such, it’s written pretty intensely. It deals with loss and grief and death, but not the one you’re expecting for it to be. This one is about a child, a baby, and I completely understand if you wish to skip this chapter because of it. If you do choose to read it, you might want to grab a box of Kleenexes just in case as it’s been known to cause at least two first readers to tear up.

Chapter 8: The Beast Inside
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Chapter Notes: This chapter isn't nearly as sad as the last one. In fact, it's got a fair bit of humor in it.

Chapter 9: Wake Up Call
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Chapter Notes: This chapter deals with more loss. It may be hard for some of you and as such, you may want to skim or even avoid it. It is necessary for the plot, but I know from personal experience that the subject matter in this is difficult to bear. It’s not as sad as chapter 7, but it’s on par with it, I think. So please keep that in mind when reading. I believe this one is the last truly sad chapter. The next one might be a little sad, but it’s more angsty and dealing with the aftermath of things in previous chapters. It’s the downtime, so to speak.

Chapter 10: Close to Perfect
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Chapter 11: Hearts on a String
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