Into the Night by Dusty273

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Summary: During School Hard, Spike observes Buffy dancing at the Bronze but instead of sending her off in a merry chase after his minion, he decides to do a little dancing of his own with her, and maybe… a bit more, before killing her off on Saturday.

Author's Notes: Setting: Set during episode 2.03 School Hard, but I have to warn you that aside from a few lines which are taken directly from the episode, the rest goes drastically AU, as I twisted the scene where Spike sees Buffy dancing at The Bronze to suit my muse’s crazy ideas.

Beta: Mi dulce hermanita, IBE, who, as always, worked her beta magic to correct all my boo-boos and make awesome suggestions that always make my chapters so much better. Thankee, sweetie! And thank you as well to Tammy, OKDeanna, Annie and Sotia for being my test-readers and for all their help with this chapter.

I know I shouldn’t be starting anything else when I have so many WIPs in the works, but my muse went on angst strike and she refused to let me focus on anything that might entail drama of any kind for a bit. *sighs* So this story will be ‘virtually’ angst-free and short (around 4 chapters I think.) It would also be a PwP and really I’m trying to keep it plot-free in the hopes I’ll be able to keep it short. ;)

It started as only Spuffy, but the lovely Deanna made me 4 gorgeous banners for this story, so in thanks I decided to try my hand with Wangel. (Just click on the banner to see it full size)

Hope you enjoy!

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Chapter 1. Spellbound
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Chapter 2. Irresistible
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Chapter Notes: tN was nominated for Best Episode Stealer on Round 5 of the Spark & Burn Awards for Best Episode Stealer, thank you so very much to whoever nominated it! I was floored The Art of Immortality and I won 5 awards on Round 4 as well, 3 of them by Reader’s Choice and I simply don’t have enough words to thank you all for those. It means a lot to know you enjoy my writing and it makes me keep striving to get better.

Thank you very much for the response to the first chapter of this story. I was agonizing over posting it because dabbling into Buffyverse (aside from Someday, Somewhere, Somehow—which is a collaboration and will eventually be finished as soon as IBE and I have some free time) is quite daunting with so many wonderful authors out there. But at least now I feel slightly better about it. ;)

Un millón de gracias to my little sister, IBE, for all her help, support and encouragement with this chapter; and to dampersandspoons and OkDeanna, as well, for pre-reading the chapter and all their very helpful suggestions. Love you, girls!

Chapter 3. Into the Night
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Chapter Notes: I’m so very sorry for the lack of updates for this story but my muse absolutely refused to work on it until I finally realized what the problem was. Turns out we need a little plot (at the very least) and that I can’t write a short story to save my life, so now that I have decided on a direction and added a few more chapters to the story, hopefully I’ll be able to update it sooner (or as soon as my other WIPs allow).

Thank you very much for all your reviews, I really hope I didn’t lose all of you during my lengthy absence. And please know that I appreciate the time you take to leave me one, they really do help, especially with a muse as fickle as mine. *sighs*

A million thanks are not enough for my lovely Tina, who stayed up late with me last night cheering me on until I finished this damned chapter. Love you, darling! I truly don’t know what I’d do without you. Or for Beth and Deanna for their very helpful suggestions and edits, I truly appreciate your input. *hugglesquishes*

Chapter 4. Through the Monsoon
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Chapter Notes: This chapter is for my lovely Tina, my little sister (although now she’s all caught up with me *winks*), the bestest (yeah, I know it’s not a word, but it applies, so shush you) friend and beta a girl could ask for. I wish you an amazing birthday, and an even better coming year, that all the clouds in the horizon vanish and leave only the wonderful things you deserve. Love you, sweetie, more than you can imagine. *huggles you tight*

Thank you very much for the reviews for the last chapter. I’m so very sorry I haven't finished replying to them, I will as soon as I get to the office. I'm sorry as well for the lack of updates in this story. I really hope I haven’t lost all of you because of the lengthy lapses between chapters. And a million thanks to Beth, for stepping up the plate and betaing this chapter for me. *huggles you tight*

Chapter 5. Ready, Set, Go
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