Blood Debt by Addie Logan

Reviews (6)Rating: NC-17

Summary: Two Slayers pulled from Heaven and made immortal, two vampires who chose love over their nature, and the price that must be paid to bring about the impossible… (Season six, goes AU following “Doublemeat Palace.”)

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Prologue & Chapter 1
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Chapter Notes: This is the sequel to my fic World on Fire. It picks up right where the other one leaves off. World on Fire is short (nine chapters), so it would probably be for the best to read that one before this one; however, if you don’t, here’s what you need to know – The Powers That Be gave Buffy a series of dreams about a Slayer who was in love with a vampire in 1353. Then, the slayer (Isobel) and her vampire lover (Edmund) reveal themselves in 2001. Isobel, too, was resurrected from Heaven and has since been living with Edmund. Discovering that she isn’t alone in her vampire-loving tendencies, Buffy finally allows herself to accept a relationship with Spike. Oh, and there was smut… There, now you should be all caught up.

Chapter 2
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Chapter 3
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