Against All Odds by Dusty273

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Summary: Buffy Summers is a vibrant, passionate young girl in love for the first time in her life with Angel O’Connor, to whom she’s secretly engaged. When he has to go back to his native Ireland to take care of his business, fate intervenes and she meets the very daring and impulsive Duke of Aurelius, Spike. From the moment he lays eyes upon her, he decides he wants her for himself and sets upon making it happen. Will Spike get what he wants, and if so, at what price? Written for the Spuffy_fantasy (LJ) Art-A-Thon. For the gorgeous banner made by drkdevin (Number 9).

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Chapter 22. A Taste of Temptation

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There is no disguise which can hide love for long where it exists, or simulate it where it does not.
~ Francois de La Rochefoucauld


Buffy was close, so damn close. She could feel it, practically taste it and then it happened, like a tidal wave enveloping her, pulling her under the water. She held on to William as best she could, trusting him to keep her afloat as she drowned in an ocean of pure bliss.

Spike’s eyes never strayed from her face as he devoured every single drop of her essence; drinking in her passionate, uninhibited response to his ministrations. Her fingers wove into his curls as she pushed him even closer to her center, her hips instinctively moving against his mouth. Her kiss-swollen lips parted and allowed a throaty moan to fill the air as wave upon wave washed over her.

He’d managed to contain his own lust for her while he concentrated solely on her pleasure, but when she finally opened her eyes to pose them on his; her emerald green depths dark and heavy with desire, gleaming with the fire of the passion he’d arouse in her… he just about lost it.

It was only by sheer force of will that Spike didn’t follow her into sweet oblivion right then and there. He’d had his fair share of women in the past, but not one of them had ever affected him quite like this. Not even when he was a young, impressionable lad. Then again, none of them could even dream of holding a candle to his Buffy, now could they?

She tugged on his hair, pulling him out of his reverie and hauling him upwards with more force than he would’ve given her credit for, not even allowing him time to wipe his face of her juices before crashing her mouth against with his.

Buffy wasn’t sure what had gotten into her. She just knew she was suddenly ravenous for his kisses, not even caring that she could taste herself on his tongue, on his lips. On the contrary, the reminder of how he’d drove her to the ultimate heights of passion, only fanned her need for him and whatever else he wanted to teach her.

Aided in great measure by the fact her skirt and petticoats had ridden up to her waist, she managed to roll them and reverse their positions without breaking their kiss, straddling William’s slim hips. She gasped into his mouth when she felt something large and hard twitch against her womanhood and arched her body backwards, tentatively moving against him and mewling when a new rush of moisture coated the inside of her thighs.

She was killing him. His control on the verge of shattering in a million pieces as he felt her writhe over him, wet and hot and willing as she allowed instinct to take over. Her head thrown back in ecstasy, her hair in glorious disarray despite his best intentions, her face a study of wanton concentration as she rode his clothed cock.

Watching her like this, feeling her like this, just about as lost in lust as he was, it was heaven and hell all rolled into one.

He couldn’t give in to this, though, no matter how much he wanted to, otherwise he’d end up spilling his seed inside his pants. He wanted to give her what she wanted, let her discover how wonderful their lovemaking could be, but he was only human and there was only so much he could endure before just saying to hell with everything and make her his.

“Kitten, wait a sec—” he groaned, his fingers digging into the soft flesh of her hips to still her movements. His jaw twitched from the effort to hold onto the remnants of his self-control before he gave over to the impulse of sinking inside her soft core as deep and as hard as he possibly could.

“But I don’t want to wait,” she pouted and he had to close his eyes not to give in to the temptation of kissing that damnable pout off her face. Didn’t mean he couldn’t imagine it just fine, though.

“You don’t know what you’re askin’ for, sweetheart,” he said, gritting his teeth when she lowered herself over him, her breasts pressing against his chest enticingly, her mouth latching onto his earlobe. He had no bloody idea what changed to turn her this amorous with him and frankly, any other moment he wouldn’t have care, but good Lord, it seemed she was hell bent on making this as difficult as she could for him.

“Perhaps I do,” she replied boldly, her need too overwhelming to care much over propriety at the moment. She felt a surge of feminine pride rush through her when his sapphire eyes finally opened and he gaped at her in pure astonishment. Not that she could blame him; she was shocked at herself, too. However, he had unlocked a part of her that she never imagined existed, a part of her she only wanted to share with him.

Next thing she knew, he’d issued a low warning growl and rolled them until she was pinned under him. His eyes flashed dangerously as he hovered over her and a shiver ran through her, however she wasn’t afraid. Not too much, at least.

“If I believed for an instant that that was true, love, I wouldn’t be tryin’ so bloody hard to do the right thing,” he snarled between clenched teeth.

She tilted her head, bringing her arms up to wrap around his neck, a playful smile drawing on her lips as she countered, “Oooooh, really now, and what would you do if it were?”

His nostrils flared and his indigo gaze darkened even more as he looked down at her. “Careful, love, you’re playin’ with fire.”

“Maybe I want to get burned,” she responded in kind, delighting in the way his pupils dilated at her words until only a small fringe of blue iris could be seen.

“You don’t kn—” he was stopped from completing that sentence when she pressed a finger on his lips.

“Perhaps you’re right and I don’t know what I’m asking for, William, but I want to learn and I want you to be the one who teaches me.”

She couldn’t be saying what he thought she was saying, now could she? “T-teach you,” he stuttered, swallowing hard past the lump lodged on his throat, “w-what exactly?”

Buffy looked up at him, desire, trust and… dare he say love, swirling amidst her green eyes, her cheeks tingeing red as she responded, “How to please you, how to make you feel as good as you make me feel.”


There was no doubt in Wes’ mind that Spike was the luckiest bastard on Earth and not for the first time asked himself if the duke might have made a pact with the Lord of Darkness himself. No one was this lucky. Well, no one but the Duke of Aurelius, that is.

He’d known of his friend’s plan to sequester his lovely fiancée for the afternoon and was dreading the moment both Lady Joyce and Winifred would learn of the couple’s disappearance. Dreaded the accusing looks it’d garner him, well aware that this might put a damper on the recent developments in his own love life.

However, his friend’s good luck must have rubbed off on him somewhat, because Lady Joyce had complained of suffering a migraine about an hour into their journey and that forced them to bypass the inn altogether in favor of traveling directly to the Aurelius country estate in Berkshire so she could rest. Winifred had been so preoccupied over her guest’s wellbeing that she hadn’t objected when he offered to send one of the footmen to the inn where they were supposed to meet with William and Miss Summers to let them know of their change in plans. Neither of them had given any thought to the propriety—or complete lack thereof—of the situation and for that he was more than grateful.

So grateful he completely missed the curious looks Fred threw him every once in a while.

She knew better than to ask Wesley what had him so nervous, especially in front of Lady Joyce. Although she had a feeling it might have something to do with William. In fact, she was certain it had to do with her brother and whatever plans he’d made for the day with the other man’s cooperation.

Not that she was surprised. Not really. Those two were thick as thieves since they were children and while the brunet hadn’t been in favor of the duke’s engagement with Miss Elizabeth at first, he’d done everything in his power to help his friend in the serious business of wooing his future bride.

Knowing William, he’d probably planned some grand, romantic gesture to show his affection for the lovely Miss Summers. She smiled softly to herself; it was high time her brother found someone to whom he could bestow all that love he had inside. And if she wasn’t mistaken, the lady in question wasn’t completely indifferent to her brother’s charms, either.

Something had shifted in their relationship from that night in which they came to dine at the Summers’ townhouse. What? She had no idea, but there was something in the blonde girl’s eyes, in her demeanor whenever William was around. Something that made her eyes shine and her cheeks stain a becoming pink when he looked at her. It was quite obvious the pair were quite taken with each other and despite the stormy start of their relationship, it might very well end up being a love match after all.

Now if only she could stop worrying over whatever Mister Summers might be planning to do to retaliate against her brother. Fred had felt an instantaneous dislike for the blond man from the first moment she saw him; which quickly turned into loathing when she noticed how badly he treated his wife and daughter. No, she hurried to amend, she’s not his daughter; thank the Lord for small mercies. Just thinking of that despicable man being part of her family made her nauseous.

William was no fool, though. He knew better than to underestimate a man like Hank Summers. If he’d been capable of betting Miss Elizabeth’s hand in a game of Faro and to treat his wife and her so contemptibly in front of guests, he was capable of just about anything. And that’s what frightened her the most.

She sighed heavily; there was nothing she could do about that now, though. So it’d be best to concentrate on making this an unforgettable trip for Lady Joyce and Miss Elizabeth. God knew they deserved a little happiness after having to endure living with that ogre for so long.


“How to please you, how to make you feel as good as you make me feel.”

Spike stared at her dumbly, his mind reeling with the implications of what she was asking of him. He could hardly give credit to his ears, her words both setting him ablaze and making him fear he might not be able to hold on to his control for much longer if she kept saying things like that.

He swallowed… hard, his cock hardening even further as she arched her body against his. “You don’t have to do this, sweetheart.”

“I know I don’t have to, I want to, though. I-I,” she paused, closing her eyes and sighing deeply. When she opened them again, she lost herself in the deep indigo of his, what she read in them giving her the strength she needed to say what she had to. “I want to learn how to give you what you just gave to me. Please, William? Let me make you feel like you made me feel?"

He shook his head, and for an instant, she thought he would deny her. “Why?” he finally asked. “Why do you want to do this?”

She could do this, could tell him… right? “Because…” she bit her bottom lip, her heart hammering against her chest so hard she thought it might break free. “I-I love you,” she whispered breathlessly.

“W-what?” He tried to squash the hope flaring through his body for fear he’d heard her wrong. He really tried, but it was of no use, especially with her looking at him like she was right now.

“I love you,” she repeated, a little more confidently this time. “I don’t know when it happened, but I do, I truly do. Please, William, show me?”

Bloody hell! How could he say no to her when she asked him like that, when she was giving him what he desired the most… her love.

There was only so long he could resist before giving in to her and having her say she loved him was his breaking point. He’d been telling himself all day he could wait until she was ready, but actually have her tell him like this while begging him to teach her how to make him feel as good as he made her feel? It was one hell of an ego-boost for one, and much more than he expected, and probably deserved, especially considering how their relationship started.

She wanted him to show her how to please him. He was aware of what she was asking, he just wasn’t sure she was. He didn’t want to scare her, but she seemed so eager to learn and he was only a man. A man completely head over heels in love with her and falling harder with each second he spent with her.

He’d grown so quiet after her confession, his eyes clouded, a slight frown marring his forehead and for a minute she was afraid she’d made a mistake by telling him of her feelings, that it might be too late, that he might not love her any more.

He must have sensed her despair somehow, because the next second, he smiled down at her and she felt as if she was drowning when he focused those bluer than blue eyes of his on her.

“Say it again,” he asked… and she was more than happy to comply.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too, kitten. More than you can imagine.”

“I think I can imagine it just fine,” she said with a saucy wink, her arms tightening around his neck to press herself closer to him, while kissing his cheek and his jaw. “Now are you going to teach me or not, your Grace?”

“Well, what kind of gentleman would I be if I denied my lady a petition such as that one?”

“Until a moment ago you were doing just that,” she reminded him with a pout, before her tiny hands started pulling on his cravat to gain better access to his neck. “You were being bad with me.”

Not as bad as you, though, he thought, groaning as she nibbled and nipped her way down his throat. Her even, white teeth wrecking havoc with any good intention he had of taking this slow.

Christ! For someone who was asking him to teach her how to please him, she was doing one hell of a job all on her own.

He had to stop her; if they kept this up there was no way the rest of their party wouldn’t notice how they’d spent a great part of their excursion, but then she sucked on his jugular, his eyes rolling to the back of his head and he could care less if they learned what they’d been up to as long as she kept doing what she was doing right now.

Then again, if he didn’t put an end to this sweet torture, he had the suspicion things could get out of control… very fast.

William’s hands came up to cradle her cheeks, pulling her closer until their lips were but a breath away, a wolfish grin tugging on his. “Oh, I can be bad, very bad with you, love,” he promised huskily, grinding his hips against her center and fanning the fire inside her. “And I promise you’ll love every second of it… later, after I’ve made you my wife.”

She blinked, her happiness ebbing as his words penetrated the thick haze of desire that surrounded her. “But… y-you promised,” she accused him, her bottom lip quivering slightly.

“And I intend to honor my promise, sweetheart. I just want to do right by you.” His hand caressed her cheek and she couldn’t help but nuzzle into it. “As much as I want you, things could get… out of hand and I don’t want that. You deserve to be worshipped properly, and I cannot give that to you here. Beautiful as this place is, I don’t want our first time to be rushed or out in broad daylight.” He gave her a mischievous grin that made her breath hitch in her throat. “Doesn’t mean I can’t teach you other things now though, does it?”

“O-other things?” she swallowed hard. “Like what?”

“Like this,” he said, rolling onto his side and bringing her with him until they were face to face. William grabbed her right hand and brought it to his mouth, turning it around to kiss her palm, his tongue peeking out to taste her skin.

Spike reveled in her sudden intake of breath, at the way her eyes zeroed in on his action, her pupils dilating as he moved his mouth down to her wrist to suck at her pulse point lightly.

He smirked at the slightly glazed look in her eyes, before bringing her hand down to his chest, placing it over his heart. “Can you feel how hard it beats, kitten?”


“It beats for you, because of you, of what you make me feel.”

Buffy felt more than a little dizzy and out of breath as he moved her hand lower, his muscles tight and firm under her palm. Down, down until he placed it over his clothed manhood, his hand over hers, entwining their fingers to show her how he liked to be stroked. Slowly at first, until she caught up with the rhythm and he allowed her to take over.

His erection hadn’t abated in the slightest during their previous exchange, not that he’d expected it to. Just being next to her, smelling her, touching her in any way was enough to drive him out of his bloody mind. But having her like this, her desire-laden eyes following the path their linked hands were taking while she chewed on her bottom lip, made him harden almost to the point of pain inside his breeches, his cock threatening to spill from the opening on the side. He was half-afraid he wouldn’t last long enough to savor how her little hand felt over his clothes, let alone on his bare, aching flesh.

Her hand moved tentatively at first over his length, becoming bolder when his breaths turned harsher. Alternating between slow, fast, soft, hard as she fondled his manhood, Buffy raised her eyes every few seconds to her fiancé’s handsome face, gauging his every reaction to her ministrations.

“Aah, that’s good, love, so bloody good,” he babbled, closing his eyes in rapture as his fingers threaded through her hair, hauling her close to kiss her lips passionately, moaning his pleasure into her mouth before his tongue tangled with hers.

It was… exhilarating to know that she could make William feel good, make him moan and pant and blather mindless praise to her and her pretty little hand. She never thought it would be just as thrilling to give pleasure as it was to be on the receiving end of it. It was a heady feeling that made her just about as faint as his fingers did when they curled around her breast, teasing her nipple into hardness and making her whimper as she felt his caresses all the way down to her center.

She wondered what it might do to him if she were to touch him like he’d touched her before, if she were brave enough to sneak her hand inside the opening of his trousers… and was surprised to feel her excitement coating the inside of her thighs at the mere thought.

Should she? Dare she? After all, it felt so wonderful when he’d done it to her, so surely it would be the same for him, right?

His ragged breath against her skin as his mouth roved down the slender column of her neck gave her the courage she needed to proceed. Slowly, she maneuvered her fingers towards the slit of his breeches, slipping them inside until her palm wrapped around his flesh.

Spike’s eyes shot wide open when he felt her hot little hand rubbing his prick and he nearly lost it. It took all his force of will not to pull away from her throat to look at her in true shock, but that would have spooked her and he’d just die if she stopped right now.

He’d thought of easing her slowly into doing it, having been perfectly content to feel her touching him over his pants and not wanting to frighten her by appearing overeager, even if he was just that. However, having her touch him without his prompting… Bloody hell, it was paradise! No two ways about it.

He wanted it to last, tried to keep himself from coming, but it was of no use. Her shy, inexperienced caresses affected him even more than those of a seasoned courtesan ever had and with a roar of her name he spilled his seed in her hand.

Buffy was completely engrossed on the texture of his flesh, how velvety smooth his manhood was on the outside and how firm it felt underneath, how he moaned when she sped up her movements or tightened her hold on his member that she was taken completely by surprise when spurts of thick, warm liquid hit her hand, unsure of what it might be.

Spike was still trying to catch his breath when his blonde goddess brought her hand out of his pants, staring at the pearly fluid coating it with an enticing blend of curiosity and confusion etched in her features. She turned her eyes to him and her face flamed as she caught him watching her, quickly bringing her fingers down to the blanket to clean off his secretions.

“I-I,” she stuttered, moving slightly backwards.

“Oh no, you don’t.” His arm shot out to stop her from escaping and pulled her into his embrace, his index finger raising her chin so she would look at him. “What you did to me… bloody hell, I’d never felt anythin’ like that. You made me forget myself, made me lose all semblance of control. And you know why?”

She shook her head no, not sure if she’d be able to speak even if she tried.

“`Cause it was you doin’ it.”


“I wouldn’t lie `bout that, sweetheart.” He kissed the tip of her nose sweetly and she just about melted at the gesture. “Now, though, I think it’s time to join our party, before they come searchin’ for us.”

Buffy’s eyes widened at that. Good Heavens, she’d forgotten all about them! “What are we, er, going to say to them?”


“Nothing?” she repeated. “But they will ask, and…”

“And nothin’, it’s none of their business.”

“I don’t think my mother will agree with that, William. No matter how much she likes you.”

“Don’t worry your pretty little head about that. You’ll see everythin’ will be fine.”

She truly doubted it, but it was no use to fight over this. There was no way she’d win against him. She only prayed he was right.



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