A Love Like Ours by Holly

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Summary: Buffy is broken, and Spike is determined to again make her whole by giving her what she needs most: an ear to bend, a shoulder to cry on, and, most importantly, someone who understands.

Author's Notes:

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY pfeifferpack! It’s not much, and it’s not done (lousy academia!) but it’s all for you. I just hope you don’t mind your prezzie doubling as a prompt requirement.

My outline has this at 5 parts, and I’m about halfway through. I’m hoping to be almost complete by the time my long weekend is over.

Thanks to elizabuffy, megan_peta, spikeslovebite, and dusty273 for betaing. And to spikeslovebite for the gorgeous banner.

And again…HAPPY BIRTHDAY, pfeifferpack!!!!



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Chapter Notes: Timeline: Picks up immediately after Tabula Rasa.
Summary: Buffy is broken, and Spike is determined to again make her whole by giving her what she needs most: an ear to bend, a shoulder to cry on, and, most importantly, someone who understands.
Prompt: From 20_hot_prompts, #18 romantic

Disclaimer: The characters herein are the property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. They are being used for entertainment purposes out of love and admiration, and not for the sake of profit. No copyright infringement is intended.

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Chapter Notes: A/N: There’s every chance I’ll need to make corrections later, as I’m still waiting for my precious elizabuffy. Alas, elizabuffy has gone on holiday (alas for me, so, so good for her…she really needed to get away). And being impatient and antsy, I wanna post. So there it is.

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Chapter Notes: Just to preface: I hate using lyrics in my stories. The scene never plays out the way it does in my mind, particularly since there is no way to implant music into fiction. It becomes nothing more tuneless, italicized words, and unless the reader is familiar with the song in question, it often falls upon imagination to be pulled off effectively. Having said this, I’ve read many stories where the tactic of lyrics has been successful. This is a commentary on my own work and shouldn’t be regarded as a blanket statement on using song lyrics in other fiction.

I say this because this chapter contains lyrics from two songs. I worried over how to portray this—figuring I’d only mention the songs in question. However, I quickly realized that for me feel the scene as a writer, including the lyrics themselves was the only way to get around it. My natural aversion to including lyrics in my stories has left me a little iffy on whether or not I like the way it came out. I thought about striking the scene altogether, but it was important (to me, at least) and hopefully will be enjoyable to everyone reading.

My betas assured me it worked, and they’re all pretty (if not harshly) honest with me. I can only hope they were right.

Having said that, my thanks to EB, Megan, Tami, Mari, and Jenny for their revisions/comments/suggestions. And to all my readers for their encouragement, and enthusiasm. I also must thank Mrs.P and Galatea personally for comments made for the last chapter not entirely related to content. I very much appreciated your support. Thank you.

Disclaimer: My Boogie Shoes was written by Harry Wayne Casey and
Robert Finch. The Long and Winding Road was written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

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Chapter Notes: Sorry for the delay on this; I wrote a good bulk of it in my notebook during class (you can see where my priorities are). And no, since you asked, it’s not at all difficult writing porn when surrounded by students and pretending to listen to the professor teach about English literature. The chapter has since been through several drafts/revisions, not to mention the changes/suggestions suggested by my betas. I tried something a little different and without exploring it…for two reasons, really.

1) I think I’m going to take an interpretation on Slayer-lore I introduced here and stick it into a WIP I’m outlining (yes, another. Quiet everyone *pokes out tongue*)
2) This story is more or less complete, and to turn it into something else based on what I introduced would be a vast deviation from what I set out to write…even if it’s something I brought on myself (again, quiet everyone). This isn’t to say I won’t revisit this ‘verse in another prompt fic. I might. But this story is complete.

My endless thanks to Megan, Tami, Mari, ElizaBuffy, and Jenny for being the bestest betas in the whole wide world.

And it only took a month to give Kathleen her present, but I hope she likes it. *wiggles* I might just make you a banner for Christmas, if that’s OK. *grins* Seriously, hon, hope you had a wonderful month and a great start to the year to come. You’re a blessing. *snuggles*

Oh, and before people start throwing things at me, the WIP I mentioned will be at least 10 chapters deep before I start posting it, and will be written as I find the time to write it between Tempesta and my other story. TdA’s coming back. I actually hope to work on it this weekend.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to read/review this story. I hope you found it worthwhile. :)