Prologue to Life/I Know You by Slaymesoftly

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Summary: A response to a challenge at the Bloodshedverse where Buffy is returned to her season II body with all her post Season VII memories. She is there due to a spell Willow performs to try to help Buffy get over mourning for Spike.

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Chapter 3

The time came for Back to School Night and Buffy was able to shrug off her concerns about Snyder and her mother meeting each other. She could see him for what he was – a power-hungry little man – and dismissed him as unimportant to her life.

(Maybe I’ll let Spike eat him tonight,) she thought idly as she passed out cookies and waited for him to arrive with his minions. Where her sixteen year old self would have been aghast at the thought of letting a vampire have a human, even one as obnoxious as Snyder, her older self shrugged and wondered what high school would have been like without the nasty little man.

(Maybe Robin would be sent here sooner. No wait, that wouldn’t be good cause Spike is still evil and he’ll try to dust him.)

She sighed and decided that Snyder would get to live a little longer in this world too.

When the sounds of screaming and breaking glass signaled the arrival of the vampires, she perked up and ran to be sure her mother was safe. As soon as she knew the adults were as safe as they could be, she began her search for Spike. She idly staked whatever minions she came across, not stopping until she found the smirking object of her search. As she stepped out into the hallway and dropped the axe, she saw him run an appreciative eye up her bare legs, past her short skirt and tight shirt to her face.

The lustful look on his face almost made her forget that this Spike was not chipped, not soulled and not in love with her. (Yet) she reminded herself.

Shaking off the urge to walk right up to him and cup the bulge she knew was growing in his pants, she stared at him intently and said her line, “Do we really need weapons for this?” In retrospect, it was an incredibly stupid thing for a Slayer to do or say. She could remember years later, Spike’s pointing out to her that she always had to have her weapon ready because a vampire’s fangs and claws were always ready.

(What the hell was I thinking? It’s a good thing Spike can’t resist a challenge or he would have had me right then and there.)

As she knew he would, he dropped the pipe he’d been holding. Only after running his hand down his chest and flat stomach to draw her eyes back to his crotch. She watched his eyes and saw the confusion when she licked her lips and smiled in appreciation at his actions.

(This could be a lot of fun. Damn sexy vampire thinks he’s going to freak out the little virgin Slayer. He doesn’t know I know there’s a Victorian gentleman lurking inside that punk package. Or that I know all about pushing his buttons and he hasn’t found any of mine yet. Oh yeah, this is gonna be fun.)

Buffy was so busy anticipating how much fun she was going to have playing with Spike that she almost forgot he seriously wanted to kill her at this time in their lives. His first punch rocked her back on her heels and she shook off the sexual fantasies until she could get the situation under control. Although she could see her mother hovering in the background and staring in confused amazement at her daughter’s battle with the vampire, she knew she wouldn’t be needing her mom’s help with the axe this time.

Years of fighting with and beside Spike, not to mention sparring with him for training, had given her an intimate knowledge of his fighting style. That plus her years of experience as a slayer made this fight a very different one from their evenly matched battle the real first time they met. It was easy for her to anticipate Spike’s moves and counter them before they could hurt her.

She watched the frustration growing on his face, but she could also see the joy he always had in facing a worthy opponent and she knew he was having a good time. When it seemed that they had been fighting for much longer than the first time, she took advantage of her knowledge and experience to sweep his legs out and slam his head into the floor.

Even though he appeared to be unconscious, she leapt to straddle him and hold a piece of the axe handle over his heart. She waited until she knew her mother had followed her instructions to take the others and leave before allowing herself to relax and lean over his face. She stroked his brow ridges until he relaxed back into his beautiful human features and she was looking down onto the face she’d only seen in her dreams for the past year.

She got so wrapped up in reacquainting herself with his chiseled cheekbones and full lips; not to mention the incredible feel of his body between her legs, that it was a full second before she realized his eyes were open and he was staring at her with a combination of lust, hate and bewilderment.

( What the bloody hell? I was out like a light, the Slayers sittin’ on me with a stake in her hand, and I’m not dust. )

“Hi,” Buffy said cheerily.

He looked up at her suspiciously. “Like to tell me why I’m not blowin’ in the wind, pet? Not that I don’t ‘preciate it,” he added quickly as he felt the stake press into his chest just enough to let him know that she could drive it home before he could move.

Buffy shook her head and admitted reluctantly, “I don’t think I can do that yet.”

She fought the urge to drop the stake and run her hands over his body by reminding herself that this Spike was still in love with Drusilla and would take advantage of her weakness in a heartbeat. Thinking about how much he loved the crazy vampire helped her focus and she glared down at him as though he was deliberately cheating on her.

Spike could feel her pulse pounding and could see the play of emotions flicker across her face, but he was completely dumbfounded as to what was going on. By all rights he should never have awakened from his short spell of unconsciousness. She should have staked him and moved on. That’s what Slayers did. They slayed. No witty quips, no sitting on the intended slayee with their hot little bodies only inches from his rapidly growing erection...

(Bollocks! Wasn’t bad enough she beat me, she’s got to rub it in my face by turnin’ me on.)

Buffy watched his eyes darken and knew that she was having the same effect on him that he was on her. In spite of how much he wanted to kill her, his body was hers for the taking. Never taking her eyes off those intense blue lasers, she slid back until his denim-covered erection was touching her damp sex. She knew he could feel and smell her arousal and she smiled at the way he involuntarily pushed his hips up against her heat when she tightened her legs around him again.

Keeping the point of the stake pressed into the skin of his chest hard enough to cause a drop of blood to form, Buffy leaned slowly toward his face, dropping her eyes to his mouth. When her warm lips met his soft, cool ones, she couldn’t help giving a little moan as he immediately responded to her kiss. Their lips moved softly against each other as Buffy reveled in the familiar sensation and the vampire tasted her warm, mobile mouth for the first time. When he tentatively touched her lower lip with his tongue, requesting more, she readily complied, sending her own tongue out to meet his and caressing it before drawing it in to her mouth.

Buffy lost track of how long they were there, lost in exploring each other’s lips and tongues. She could feel Spike’s cock pushing against her and fought the urge to drop the stake so that she could lie down on top of him the way she wanted to.

Suddenly the sound of voices reached their ears and Buffy pulled back reluctantly. Spike’s eyes flickered back to amber as he recognized Angel’s voice calling Buffy’s name frantically. He looked at her almost reproachfully as she gave a guilty start and sat up completely. Unfortunately, that forced her hips down onto his, grinding her warm dampness into him.

Ignoring the stake pressed against his chest, the vampire sat up quickly, leaving them face to face with Buffy straddling his lap. The stake forgotten, she slipped her arms around his neck and nipped him gently right below his jaw where she knew he loved it. She giggled when he groaned, earning her an indignant glare as he pulled back in shock.

“I know you, Spike,” she responded to his unspoken question.

“You ARE going to explain this to me, Slayer,” he growled, “but not right now. I think it’s time for me to leave before the cavalry gets here.”

He shocked both of them, himself more than Buffy, by leaning in to plant a quick kiss on her lips as he whispered, “Later, luv,” and threw her off his lap. He grinned at her indignant sputtering from where she was sprawled on the floor, then blew her another kiss as he turned and vanished out the nearby window.

When Angel, Xander and Giles came sliding to a halt, Buffy was already back on her feet and waiting for them.

“Buffy! Are you alright? Did he hurt you?”

Angel’s readiness to assume that she had lost the fight angered the Slayer and she huffed at him, “Of course, I’m all right. The day I can’t take Spike...” her voice trailed off as she remembered that she wasn’t supposed to even know the blond vamp yet, let alone have fought him before.

“If you are all right, does that mean you dusted him?” Xander inquired eagerly.

“Um, no. Not exactly. I did have my stake pressed over his heart, though,” she added brightly. “that has to count for something.”

“If you had your stake over his heart, why isn’t he dust?” Angel asked with a growl. He was walking around Buffy obviously sniffing her as he did.

“You know, Angel, that whole smelling things on people is really yucky,” she snapped at him. She knew he was scenting not only her close contact with Spike, but the arousal still dampening her underwear.

Her heart softened when she noticed the bewildered and hurt look on his face.

(This is Angel. He loves you and he is just trying to protect what he thinks is a very young Slayer. He hasn’t lost his soul, he hasn’t left you and he has no idea that he will do those things.)

“I’m sorry, Angel,” she said softly. “I know you’re just trying to protect me, but, really, I’m fine.”

He nodded briefly, but the hurt look didn’t leave his face and she knew he would be going back to his apartment to brood later.

Telling her watcher she would talk to him tomorrow, she ran off to catch up with her mother and try to explain away the evening’s activities. On the way there, it occurred to her that keeping her mother in the dark about her Slaying until she found out the hard way, might not be the best approach.

(Okay, then, here goes my first attempt, other than kissing Spike, to really go against what I know actually happened. Hopefully, it won’t end the world.)

When her mother indicated that she wasn’t angry, but proud of Buffy’s behavior during the crisis, the Slayer decided that was the perfect opening for her confession. They settled into the kitchen with cups of hot chocolate and Buffy began her approach to the subject.

“So, Mom, did you get a good look at those guys who attacked the school tonight?”

Her mother looked at Buffy carefully. She knew that the fight she had witnessed between her young daughter and the strangely-featured man was well beyond the skills and physical capabilities of most sixteen-year-old girls. If she was honest with herself, she would admit that it was probably beyond the capabilities of most adult, professional bodyguards.

“Yes, I did,” she answered simply and waited.

“What did you think they were?”

“Well, Principal Snyder indicated they were a gang hopped up on PCP....”

Buffy’s snort focused her mother’s attention back on her daughter.

“But I have a feeling you’re going to tell me that isn’t what they are, aren’t you?”

Instead of answering directly, she asked quietly, “Do you remember why I said I had to set fire to the gym in LA?”

Her mother flinched at the memory of that trying time in their lives and nodded. Then her eyes widened and flew to meet Buffy’s expectant look.

“Oh my god, you said they were...vampires? And that you were trying to kill them.”

Buffy nodded and continued to look at her mother until she could see that all the dots had been connected. Her mother’s face was a study in disbelief and horror.

“We...we sent you to a psychiatrist! We thought you were crazy.”

Buffy smiled bitterly, “Yeah, that was definitely one of the highlights of my life.”

When she saw the tears in her mother’s eyes, she regretted her tone and the words instantly.

“I’m sorry, Mom,” she grabbed her mother’s hand and squeezed it. “I understand. If I hadn’t been me, I’d have thought I was crazy too.”

“So, those...people tonight...they were vampires?”

“’Fraid so. Apparently we moved here so that I could take care of the little problem this town has, what with being built over a hellmouth and all.”

At her mother’s blank look, she straightened and patted her hand reassuringly. “That’s another story. Right now, all you need to know is that there are such things as vampires and demons, and I fight them. I am the Slayer. The one in all the—oh, nuts. I’ll have Giles come and talk to you.”

“Mr Giles? The librarian?”

“Uh, yeah. That’s his day job. Watching me is kinda his night job.”

Her mother shook her head, trying to make sense of the things her daughter was saying. Suddenly her gaze went over Buffy’s head and she asked in a small voice, “ Buffy? These...vampires. Do they sometimes look like ordinary humans?”

“They can, Mom. That’s why you have to be so careful about who you invite into the house. Why do you ask?”

“Because I think there’s one out there looking in the window,” her mother answered without ever taking her frightened eyes off the window in the kitchen door.

Buffy whirled, pulling her stake from the waistband of her skirt as she did so. Standing just outside the kitchen door and making boogey-man faces in the window was the blond vampire she’d been sitting on earlier.

Buffy stomped to the door and threw it open angrily.

“What do you want, Spike? And stop making stupid faces at my mom. You’re scaring her.”

“Buffy,” her mother ventured, “shouldn’t we be locking the door rather than opening it?”

“It’s okay, Mom. He can’t get in unless one of us invites him – and we’re not going to do that. Not yet, anyway.”

Spike and her mother wore identical expressions of confusion at her “not yet”, but she ignored them and again demanded, “What are you doing here?”

“Wanted to finish our...conversation, pet,” he smirked, rolling his tongue up under his teeth.

Buffy heard her mother’s gasp as she thought he was referring to the violent fight she’d witnessed between the two blonds. She shot her mother a reassuring glance, then turned back to the vampire lounging in the doorway.

“Tempting as that thought is, “ she laughed at his startled look and the way his eyes immediately darkened with desire, “I don’t think so. We will finish it, though, Spike. I promise you,” she added softly. “I promise we will.”

For just a second the cocky look slipped and he stared at her intently. “Gonna hold you to that, luv,” he said with a low rumble that made her body tingle in exciting ways.

She looked back at him, wanting nothing more than to step out the door and throw herself into his arms, but she forced herself to hold back and remember that to him she was just a new Slayer he had to fight. The way he licked his lips as he stared at her told her he was already feeling things he didn’t want to, but she knew Spike too well to think that he would let lust get in the way of bagging his third Slayer.

“I know you will,” she replied with a smile. “I’m counting on it.”

“Why’s that, pet?” He tilted his head at her inquisitively.

“Because I know you,” she replied and shut the door on his befuddled face.


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