Prologue to Life/I Know You by Slaymesoftly

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Summary: A response to a challenge at the Bloodshedverse where Buffy is returned to her season II body with all her post Season VII memories. She is there due to a spell Willow performs to try to help Buffy get over mourning for Spike.

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Chapter 21

He stared at the phone for a full minute, then with a muffled curse, threw it against the wall to shatter into useless pieces of plastic.

(I don’t care what she’s doin’ or who she’s doin’ it with – jus’ don’t let it be the bloody poofter! She told me – well she didn’t exactly tell me, but she might as well have – she told me she loved me. She said she was mine. Don’t want him touchin’ what’s mine.)

As he walked back upstairs, easily covering the steps two at a time, he tried to put the blond slayer and her warm body out of his mind. By the time he got to the door of the bedroom, he thought he’d done a pretty good job of erasing all thoughts of blond hair, golden skin, and powerful blood from his mind.

He came in, unzipping his pants as he entered, and threw himself onto the bed between the two eager female vampires waiting for him there.

“There you are, you bad puppy! Where have you been?”

“Nowhere important, my ripe, wicked plum,” he growled, pulling her onto his body, but she twisted away from him and reached for the newly awakened fledgling beside him.

“I want to watch you play with your new toy again,” she purred into his ear. “Show me how happy you are to have her.”

She ran her nails down the other woman’s bare back, eliciting a growl and a shiver. Spike did his best to appear interested in the new family member he’d created, but now that her body was as cool as his own, and the heated blood no longer pulsed through her veins, he found himself unable to respond to her rough caresses.

When he pushed her toward Dru and suggested that they entertain him by enjoying each other, the new one’s eyes flashed with anger and she gave a small growl. Immediately, he was in game face and had his fangs fastened in her neck. He shook her fiercely, snarling the whole time, until she whimpered and quit fighting him, lying submissively between the two master vamlpires; one angry and one laughing and clapping.

“Oooh, my Spike IS a bad doggy! Shouldn’t make the doggy mad, you know. He will bite you and eat you all up!”

When the fledgling had stopped fighting and he could see the fear and submission in her eyes, Spike let her go with a final snarl and again shoved her toward Dru.

“Here, pet. You enjoy her if you want her. If you don’t, we’ll get rid of her.”

The dark-haired vampire cocked her head and studied him closely, her eyes narrowing.

“You’re thinking about her again,” she said flatly, sounding more lucid than normal. “The Slayer is floating all around in your head and you don’t want us. You want her.”

“Don’t talk crazy, Dru,” he blustered, even as he recognized the rare moment of sanity in her voice. “I don’t want anybody but you. Never have, never will. Just not interested in this silly bint at the moment, tha’s all.”

“Don’t lie to your dark princess, William. It makes me sad,” she replied as she got to her feet, tugging the other vampire up. “Come, Rosa, we’re going out to play under the stars.”

She grabbed her dress and pulled it over her head, gesturing for the other woman to do the same. The curvy brunette cast one more longing glance at her sire’s naked body, then joined Drusilla in her venture into the night.

Spike remained on the empty bed, staring up at the ceiling in frustration. He vowed to kill the new minion as soon as Dru tired of her, telling himself it was because she was rebellious and disobedient and not because he was disappointed that she wasn’t still warm and breathing.

Eventually his stomach growled at him and he allowed the hunger pangs to drive him out into the warm night. Instead of his usual search for an attractive woman or pretty girl, he cruised the gay bars until he found an American tourist who was flashing a lot of money. One look at Spike’s muscular torso, flat stomach and bulging jeans had the visitor willing to follow the blond Brit anywhere and it was a simple matter to get him into the alley behind the bar.

When he pressed his body up against Spike’s and tried to put his arms around him, he suddenly found himself held in place by arms that felt like steel bands. He just had time to begin to wonder how someone so slender could be so strong when Spike’s face shifted and he buried his fangs in the man’s neck. He drained him quickly, then dropped the body and pulled out the wallet, removing all the American money and shoving it into his pocket.

He strolled back through the club, debating about whether to eat another tourist before heading home. He saw the curious looks the others gave him when he came back in without their friend and he just grinned and winked at them before leaving the bar.

On the way home he ran into a drunk Faryl demon that wanted to fight, so he obliged with a major ass-kicking before generously leaving the unconscious demon battered, but alive. He was feeling pretty good as he strolled toward home.

(Good meal, got some dosh if I need it, had me a bit of violence and got two ladies waiting for me at home. Unlife is good.)

His good mood lasted all the way until he got into the house and caught the scent of another demon. He made his way silently up the stairs and followed the sounds he was hearing to the door of the bedroom. There on his bed, Drusilla and Rosa were entertaining a chaos demon whose antlers were dripping mucus all over the pillows.

When his outraged snarl finally penetrated their lust-induced fog, they ooked up at him with various expressions of surprise. Except Drusilla, who looked triumphant and proud of herself.

“What the bloody hell do you think you’re doin’, Dru?” He ignored the frightened fledgling who was just figuring out that she might be in trouble with her sire.

“Rosa and I found someone who wants to play with us. Someone who isn’t thinking about the nasty Slayer all the time. Go away, Spike. We’ll let you come back when we’re ready to give you another chance. You can go play with the other bad doggies until then.”

She turned her back on him and began stroking the chaos demon’s huge, furry cock, ignoring the hurt, angry look on Spike’s face. Rosa gave him an apologetic look, but as soon as Drusilla touched her face with a blood soaked nail, she turned away and fastened her mouth on her grandsire’s eager lips.

Spike stared at the writhing bodies on the bed, then whirled and left the house, grabbing his leather coat as he went out the door. His feet move without any conscious thought on his part, carrying him away from the latest humiliation his lover had poured on his head.

(It’s one thing to shag her soddin’ poof of a sire, but a chaos demon! That’s just disgustin’. And to do it on our – my – bed. If she thinks I’m gonna hang around here waitin’ for her to decide I can come back to my own house…)

His feet had carried him toward the airport, and he took a quick glance at the plane schedules, seeing that he could leave for California the following evening and be safely on the ground in LA before dawn. Using the money he’d taken from his earlier meal, he bought a ticket for an aisle seat and left to find a safe place to spend the day, hoping his righteous indignation would last long enough for him to get out of the country before he made a fool of himself waiting around to be allowed back into his own home.

Buried in the anger and hurt he felt at Drusilla’s infidelity, was a little bubble of joy that he had a reason to leave the city he’d been hiding in and go back to the only place he was sure to be welcomed


Buffy strolled home from school, enjoying the unusually warm day and trying to compute the odds against her actually having a happy birthday this year. With no Judge parts to worry about, and no Angel sex happening, she wondered what the PTB would do to make this birthday suck. She had no doubt that it would. Eight years of experience as the Slayer told her that something bad would happen on her birthday every year. Like clockwork.

“I guess I’ll just have to wait and be surprised,” she said out loud to herself.

As her friends gathered at her house for a small party, and gifts were opened, examined and commented on, she began to relax slightly. There was no reason to expect a sword demon to appear, no soul losing for Angel, no zombies anywhere to be seen, things were looking good. She still couldn’t decide if she was celebrating her seventeenth birthday, or her twenty-third, but after her second bowl of chocolate ice cream, it didn’t really seem to matter and she began to really enjoy herself.

As the party wound down and her friends started to depart, Buffy stood in the doorway to receive her birthday hugs and kisses as well as to thank everyone for their gifts. Giles and Jenny were the first to leave. The younger guests teased them for being old and not able to stay up late to party, but Buffy’s more mature sensibilities could see that they were just eager to leave the teenagers behind and be alone. She hugged them both tightly, delighted that she’d been able at least to save her Watcher the grief that had accompanied his love for the gypsy woman the first time around.

Xander and Cordelia were next, rejecting Oz’s offer of a ride in favor of Cordelia’s car. Buffy briefly wondered if they would stay together in this time line, with the chances of Spike kidnapping Willow and Xander together now much lower and therefore chances of them being caught kissing much less. She shrugged and told them both “good-night”, deciding that keeping Xander and Cordy together wasn’t much of a priority and she would just watch nature take it’s course.

As she was saying good-night to Willow and Oz, she thought she heard the back door open and she turned her head slightly. She saw Angel straighten up at the sound of her mother’s voice and frowned slightly at the look on his face. She hugged the werewolf and his witch girlfriend and closed the door behind them, intending to walk into the kitchen to see who her mother was talking to.

Just as she started past Angel, he grabbed her arm and pulled her into his chest saying, “Don’t I get a birthday hug and kiss?”

In the kitchen, Joyce was greeting a tired looking Spike and offering to make him some cocoa while he waited for Buffy to finish her good nights. He thanked her and sat on a stool by the counter. He could sense his grandsire in the living room, and knew that the older vampire must know he was there.

Remembering that Buffy said she could always tell when he was around, he was slightly puzzled and a little hurt that she hadn’t come running into the kitchen to see him. He stood up and moved to the entrance to the living room, just in time to see Angel fold her in his arms and lower his mouth to hers in an extended kiss.

Without a sound, he whirled and ran through the kitchen and out the door. Without saying a word to Joyce or bothering to close the door behind him, he ran out into the night.

Buffy had initially welcomed Angel’s kiss and embrace, but just as he started pushing his tongue against her teeth, trying to force an entrance, the tiny scars on her neck tingled and she pushed him away before he could deepen the kiss. She spun around and flew to the kitchen just in time to see the screen door swinging shut and a flash of platinum going by the window.

The silent, anguished question in Buffy’s eyes was easy to interpret and her mother nodded, glaring at the dark vampire as she did so.
Before Buffy could bolt out the door after Spike, Angel grabbed her again and tried to keep her in the house.

“What are you doing, Buffy?” he said angrily, holding on to her struggling body and trying to get her to look at him. He wasn’t planning to tell her he knew Spike had been there unless he had to. He wasn’t sure if she knew the blond vamp had been in the kitchen or was just worried about her mother. Joyce hadn’t said anything and he’d missed the look exchanged between the two women.

“Are you all right, Joyce?” he asked with too much sincerity. “Was there someone here?”

Buffy, meanwhile, had quit struggling to get away from the big vampire and was staring at the still vibrating screen door and fighting back tears.

“What happened?” she asked her mother in a shaky voice. “Why did he leave?”

“I don’t know, Buffy,” she replied sincerely. “He started to go into the living room to you and then he just turned and ran out.”

Realization dawned as Buffy remembered what she’d been doing when she felt the tingles and she remembered how Angel had grabbed her and initiated the kiss as she headed for the kitchen.

“You knew!” She fixed him with her deadliest Slayer glare and he flinched in spite of himself. “You did that on purpose,” she ground out between clenched teeth.

“I just wanted to remind him who you belong to,” he said, releasing her arm with a growl. “I didn’t think you’d mind. It’s only Spike.”

Completely at a loss for words, the Slayer did the only thing she could do and punched him so hard he sailed across the kitchen and into the stove, shaking it loose from it’s place against the wall.

“Sorry, Mom,” she threw over her shoulder as she ran out the door. “I’ll put it back later.”

With anxious tears streaming down her cheeks, she ran into the night searching frantically for another glimpse of bright hair and dark leather.


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