Origins: Resolutions by Niamh

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Summary: Six months after the battle with Angelus and his forces

Author's Notes:

[A/N: I thought I would take something of a break from this series, but that isn’t the way the muse is leading, so therefore, I write. So here now is the first chapter of the third book in the Origins series. I hope you all enjoy. Title and quotes are as attributed, okay it’s just a song by Simply Red (go listen to them). Disclaimers prove, sadly, that I own nothing of the empire that owns Buffy and her world. More’s the pity. I would have done it a bit differently.]



This story is not complete.

Real life, depicted in song
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Chapter Notes:
Book Three.

Chapter One. Real life, depicted in song

What’s worth nothing else but love
Take a walk down any street now
Every one of us in our own little world
Looking for a heart with whom to beat now
What’s worth nothing else but love
I’m prepared to take the heat now
What’s worth more than anything else at all
To keep you firmly on your feet now
So fake cool image should be over
‘Cause I long for a feeling of home
Real life, depicted in song
A loving memory
After long, home is a place where I yearn to belong
Where the land meets the sea
She’ll be smiling so sweetly now
I hope that she’ll be here much longer than I will
My heart loves her with every beat now
So fake cool image should be over
‘Cause I long for a feeling of home
Real life, depicted in song
A loving memory
After long, home is a place where I yearn to belong
Fake cool image should be over
‘Cause I long for a feeling of home
Real life, depicted in song
A loving memory
After long, home is a place where I yearn to belong
Fake cool image should be over
Home is a place where I yearn to belong
Fake cool image should be over
Home is a place where I yearn to belong
Fake cool image should be over
I’m going home
Where I belong
Fake cool image should be over
Rolling home
Fake cool image should be over
Home, Hucknall, S. Lewinson, P. Lewinson

My piece of heaven
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Chapter Notes: [A/N: I’m going to try and make these chapters a little bit longer, so that I’m not looking at another 76 chapter epic. Can’t vouch for it though, since you all know how wordy I can be. I’ll just apologize in advance, how’s that? Title and quotes as attributed; disclaimers prove once more, I own nothing.]

Chapter 3: Never in the expected manner
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Chapter Notes:

I thought about taking a really long break, and just not writing anything at all or focusing on something that wasn’t this particular story. Which just shows how much of a fool I can be. Hopefully, you won’t be waiting as long for this story as you did the last one. Titles and quotes as attributed. Disclaimers in full force and effect. I own nothing.

Previously: Riley has gotten a message from Buffy, whom he thought was dead; The Council has discovered Buffy’s pregnancy and deduced the likely father. This picks up shortly after the last chapter.

Twisted truth and half the news
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Chapter Notes: [A/N: Just saw JM in concert yesterday. . . And hot damn he looks so freaking good. He’s just so . . .yeah. So anyway, my muse perked up (and so did someone else’s) and I’ve been plugging away at this. Title (from a Thompson Twins song) and quotes are as attributed – disclaimers, as always, are in full force and effect. I own nothing.

A leavening of truth
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Chapter Notes: [A/N: Sometimes, I’ll think, okay, I’ll write this – and be all set and ready to go with what I think the muse wants to write – only to be shot down the instant the pen hits the paper, or the cursor hits the screen. And then, what flows from the pen (or the keyboard) isn’t what I wanted to write at all or what I thought I’d been working out (plot-wise) in my head. That’s what happened tonight. I was sitting in IHOP, while my son ate dinner, with a pen and notebook, sort of waiting for the muse to strike. I actually wrote a sentence on Destinies. . . and then flipped the damn thing over and wrote six pages of Resolutions. So much for plans. . . Title and quotes are as attributed. Disclaimers, unfortunately, prove that Joss still owns nearly everything. Bloody bugger.]

Never Explain
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Chapter Notes:

I figure, if I can stay a couple of chapters ahead, I’ll be in pretty okay shape, if something comes up unexpectedly, right? Well, that’s the plan anyway. We’ll just see how that works out. . . . Anyway, on this one, title and quotes are as attributed. Disclaimers prove that the evil little genius owns it all and only lets us play in the playground.

Previously: Tara has admitted to herself that she’s pregnant and everyone else is meeting with Riley and Graham in the Magic Box. This picks up immediately following the last installment.

Chapter 7: A succession of moments
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Chapter Notes: I think my muse is on holiday. I have no idea where it is and the creative burst engendered by seeing James Marsters live is . . . fizzling out. I don’t know what to do. I can’t seem to jump start it at all. Anyone got any ideas? I sort of know why, since I’ve been working insane hours. . I apologize for the break, but it couldn’t be helped. My job was, well put it this way – my last overtime check was more than my regular check. But hopefully I can get this finished and you all won’t be screaming for an update from me. Title and quotes are as attributed. Disclaimers in full force and effect. I own nothing.

Chapter 8: Nothing Stands Between Us Here
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Chapter Notes: I’ve been swamped, literally, at work. Under the most bizarre circumstances one could imagine in a government legal arena, or at least for my nearly twenty years of experience in the field. Anyway, that’s one of the reasons why I’ve been so behind in posting. . . and I know I should’ve had more chapters in reserve, but I didn’t. I’m sorry. I hope you’ll all forgive me. As a peace offering, I bring this chapter. My thanks again, as always to my stellar beta, Tam. Without her there’d be a huge glut of typos and tiny little grammatical errors. She makes me better. Title and quotes are as attributed and the disclaimers prove I own nothing. Especially not a boat.

Chapter 9: The sin of broken faith
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Chapter Notes: I have been so exhausted and consumed by the damn job that I don’t know which end is up – and to boot, my new roommate is arriving on October 7th, which just is gonna make life all that more interesting. I won’t say bad, because she’ll stop writing me spuffy smut and trust me, that’s a bad thing. Very bad. Anyway. . . my eternal thanks to Tam, who always makes me better – go now to Fang Fetish and/or Just Rewards and get in on the raffle for chocolate to help her and her son, who is just an angel. Title and quotes are as attributed and nothing belongs to me. Not a damn blasted thing. Except lots of bills.

Previously: Willow’s tried to see Buffy, but Spike wouldn’t let her in; Riley is trying to figure out just who fathered Buffy’s babies; Nicholson is subversively undermining Travers’ efforts to get to Sunnydale; and Spike reasserted his position with Buffy. This picks up sometime the next morning.

Chapter 10: For the sake of knowing
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Chapter Notes: I have no interest/will/ambition to write anything at all lately. Developments have completely sapped my creativity and my desire to write. I have nothing left at all. I’m sorry. . . I will complete these stories, I just don’t quite know when. I’m so sorry. My thanks, as always to Tam, without her there’d be nothing at all. She’s my inspiration. Title and quotes are as attributed. Disclaimers in full force and effect. I own nothing.]

Previously: Willow saw Oz and Tara in the quad at UC Sunnydale; Tara has told Oz about their news but they have yet to confide in anyone else; Riley isn’t as stupid as everyone thinks and he suspects that somehow Spike has fathered Buffy’s babies; the Council, with the new Slayer, are about to arrive in Sunnydale. This picks up shortly after the last chapter.

Chapter 11: Hearts at Peace
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Chapter Notes: [A/N: No need to fret, I swear I will finish this story, just have no idea when. Events in this one are a bit more, I guess you’d say, urgent than in the others. For one thing, there’s a much shorter time period, and I don’t really have all that ‘setting the stage’ stuff I had to do in the others. So yeah, this one, will hopefully be a bit shorter. I think. I hope. Well, that’s what I’m shooting for in any case. And to those of you who’ve been soo damn supportive – reviewers and those who took the time to email me personally – you’ve all given me a bit of a boost. So I thank you. From the bottom of my little heart. You’ve made me smile, fed the muse and given me a bit of hope. Thanks again. Title and quotes are as attributed. Disclaimers in full force and effect. I own nothing.]

Touchstones of our Characters
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Chapter Notes:

Author's Note: I know, it's been a really, really long time. I'm sorry. Blame it on the holidays and really pissy muse. Please forgive me and enjoy.

 [A/N: Evidently, my muse responds to positive reinforcement. Who knew? Give it some love and shower it with affection and it rolls up its belly and purrs. Sheesh. So, my muse is at times a really big kitty. Other times it’s a biotch. My thanks to Tam, who always, always comes through for me, especially when I’m really down. I guess you could say she’s not just a beta, she’s a cheerleader also. I’m soooooo glad she’s mine. Quotes and title as attributed. . . And the disclaimers are still in full force and effect.]


Information is not Knowledge
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Chapter Notes: A/N: I’m not posting anything during the holidays, not unless I get a whole heap more writing done. Which doesn’t look all that likely (at least at the moment). But with any luck, I might actually get somewhere on a couple of these stories. I still have to finish something. . . I’ve got far too many things open and I really don’t wanna keep these stringing along forever. Especially this series, since I think it’s starting to lose its appeal. As you can see, that was written a while ago; however some of the emotions still remain. I think this series is losing its appeal for people and I think it’s more than past time to wrap just about everything up. Title and quotes are as attributed. Disclaimers in full force and effect. I own nothing.]

Previously: The friendly demons lead by Lawson are tracking Finn and the Initiative soldiers; Willow and Xander have both independently made contact with Wesley, who has in turn, informed Giles and Spike what’s going on; Spike and Buffy have shared a Slayer dream.

Chapter 14: Readiness to defend
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Chapter Notes: I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time I even looked at this story, much less actually thought about writing some of it. But I wanna get something done, and since this is the one story I could probably write without having to have a real touch of the muse – and not just a fleeting sight of his pale ass – I’m going to work on this. I wish I knew where he was hiding. (Sometimes I think he’s hiding under Tam’s chair, just to avoid me). Anyway, I’m gonna work on this baby. Points to anyone who gets the quirky and weird pop culture reference hidden in this chapter (and there have been others all along that not a soul has picked up on. Not a one). Title and quotes are as attributed. Disclaimers, unfortunately still say Joss owns it all.]

Previously: The opposing forces are gathering, Scoobies are all converging on the Magic Box, while the Initiative cadre is getting ready to appear. Lawson has sent a group of demons to capture Warren Meers; and the Council is set to arrive sometime after dark. This picks up shortly after our last installment.

Chapter 15: Preconceived Notions
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Chapter Notes: As sick as I am, I’ve still been thinking about this story and since this is the one the muse is stuck on, well, this one is the one that’s getting worked on. Hopefully, by the time I get this over to Tam, I’ll be feeling better and it won’t be the mishmash that I fear it’s going to become, with the fever still coming and going. Joy. Thanks for sticking with me on this. There are some interesting mentions in this story – pop culture, historical, and other that no one at all has picked up on. . . Some are names, places, etc. . . and frankly, I can’t believe no one’s even guessed. . . damn. I must be relying on really obscure things then. Title and quotes are as attributed. I own nothing, coz the disclaimers tell me so.

Chapter 16
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Chapter Notes:  Work has slowed down somewhat, which means that I can take the time and do some writing – which in turn moves this story along, and then trickles down into the other stories, so a plus all around. I have a feeling this one isn’t going to be much longer and after that . . . I just don’t know. I don’t know how many other stories in this verse I have to tell. I suppose that depends on the bunnies. I’d also like to get back on track with my original writings, maybe see if a publisher will actually like my stuff. . . then again, I don’t know if I have a whole lot of time for just writing. . . and I seriously doubt most authors make a whole lot of money doing this. Anyway. . . I’m rambling, and that’s better kept on my livejournal or elsewhere. Title and quotes are as attributed and the disclaimers tell me I’m delusional when I say Spike belongs to me.]

Chapter 17: a dragon or a tiger
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Chapter Notes: A/N: I’m trying to get this finished, work on the two as-of-yet still unposted stories, find the ambition to work on the comedy I have in my head, get somewhere on the next chapter of Safe in my own Skin, and find the ambition to work on my original fiction. And keep my stressful job. I need a vacation. A long one. To my reviewers – my heartfelt thanks to everyone still sticking with me on this really long ride; and yes, Kathy, I have been really down in the dumps, mainly over the lack of response to this fic, and my others. *sighs* And as far as the pop culture references? Obviously only a few of you care, since hardly anyone’s made any mention of them, but they’re still there. Lady Yashka, you are completely correct on the Coraline/Gaiman reference! So glad someone picked up on that. Rosemaree!!!! Good on you for getting the Bay City Rollers mention! LOL! They were big as hell when I was a pre-teen. . . and believe it or not, I went directly from them to punk rock. What a sea change for my parents (and friends). Title and quotes are as attributed and my eternal thanks always to Tam and Addie, without whom I’d still be mired knee-deep in both Baby Love and Revelations. . . . And the lousy rotten disclaimers are still keeping me in the poorhouse. Darn.

The Gravest Threat
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Chapter Notes: A/N: I wasn’t even going to start to tackle this for another couple of days. . . but when I sat down at my computer at work this morning, both these scenes played out in my head. So there was nothing for it but to write them down. Here’s the result. I hope it meets everyone’s expectations. This is moving far quicker than I expected it to. But, well, here it is. Title and quotes are as attributed, and the disclaimers prove I own nothing. Again. Drat.]

Chapter 19: Let every eye negotiate for itself
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Chapter Notes: I thought for sure I was gonna work on Safe in My Own Skin, but for some reason that’s not really wanting to get written. The muse let loose on this one, so that’s what’s here. And nothing I just wrote is coherent. I’m sorry, for a couple of reasons. As some of you know, I’ve recently moved, and that’s taken up a huge chunk of my time (rightfully so); added to that some other personal RL issues, and you have a delay. But I should be back on track with everything, gods willing *knocks wood* and should have another update (on one of the stories) next week. Anyway, here it is. Title and quotes are as attributed, and the disclaimers mean that Joss still owns it all. Wanker. Git has no clue what he’s got.

Previously: Riley just offered to take Buffy’s baby and ‘contain’ it. The Council has arrived. And Buffy’s in labor. This picks up immediately from the last chapter.

Chapter 20: No eternal allies
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Chapter Notes: Well, this is certainly shaping up and coming to a head a bit faster than I expected. Thanks to everyone who’s still hanging in with me. And to all of you that are still leaving reviews – gods, how I appreciate it. Thanks. I'm so sorry it took so long for an update, but hopefully, since the move is all but complete, things should be settling down and everything will follow from there. Thanks also to Spikeslovebite and Addie, without whom I’d be going nowhere. Title and quotes are as attributed.

Chapter 21: Strings of Tension
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Chapter Notes: So for a couple of weeks, I barely wrote anything. I was sick, felt all sorts of crappy, still had to work because, hey, when there’s only two people in a busy office and one of them’s on vacation? The other has to come to work – even if they’re half dead. And then, I got an eye infection (way bad news for me). So no writing. But hey, now I’m better and this is the result of a couple of weeks off. I would have posted this sooner, but my grandmother passed away on July 25th, and I had other things on my mind. And hey, my eternal thanks to Tam, because without her, you wouldn’t have much to read at all. She did a fantastic beta job on all eight chapters that I threw at her that week (from different fics). Title and quotes are as attributed. Disclaimers mean that all the residuals go to the other people and not to me. *sniffles*

Chapter 22: Not exactly pleasant
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Chapter Notes: Didn’t really expect this to move as fast, but well, there you have it. I can actually write something that isn’t epic in length. Ha! There’s lots more where this is concerned. To Aoife and Shauna – thanks for the reviews and I’ll answer your questions (comments) regarding the language and the mythology. The language is not strictly Irish, done so deliberately. It is an amalgam of Irish, Scots, and Welsh, and quite possibly some of the syntaxes are also stilted (again, done deliberately). As for the mythology, well, I’m a Celt. I am a pagan and a witch. I believe in the Celtic deities, though I also honor some of the others (Isis, Kuan Yin, etc.) so it is natural for me to incorporate those deities in the story. In canon, Willow called upon Osiris, but he was not the only deity to have control over life and death – each pantheon has their own arbiter. The Celtic connection grew out of my own beliefs, as well as the “English” connection within canon. Hope that helps a bit. Title and quotes are as attributed, since I’m not nearly as witty or pithy as some people. Disclaimers mean that I don’t own a bloody thing. Except for the plot. And the computer. Other than that? I’m as poor as a church mouse.

Chapter 23: The long wait for angels
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Chapter Notes: Okay, so I apologize for the delay from hell, but I swear I’m working on everything. Right now, though I can’t seem to concentrate on more than one story at a time, so that’s what I’m going to do. Just focus on the one thing that’s calling the muse. Otherwise I’m just going to end up severely annoying said muse. My thanks, as always, go out to my wonderful beta, Spikeslovebite, the irreplaceable Tam. I so could not do this without her. Title (which is actually a paraphrase, but you’ll see where I got it from) and quotes are as attributed. I own nothing, but I’m working on the house.

Chapter 24: Welcome to the human race
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Chapter Notes: I know how agonizing this is for all of you, but believe me, it’s just as bad for me. I’m sorry. Hopefully, this chapter will make up for some of the wait. . . And if any of you remember, this format for this one will follow a previous chapter (way back in Revelations, Chapter 17, if you’re wondering), wherein Buffy and Spike got some other interesting news. Thanks for sticking with me and for everyone’s support, new readers and old . . . and for everyone that’s left a review, you have my eternal thanks. The beta was done, as always, by the incomparable Spikeslovebite, who is the best damn beta going. Titles and quotes belong to someone other than me (since I’m not so witty) and the disclaimers mean some guy in Hollywood gets to say he owns these characters. Which sucks.

Chapter 25: A dream of possibilities
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Chapter Notes: I know I’ve been stringing you all along, and I’m sorry about that. Hopefully, that’ll stop now, especially since we now have enough computers in the house for everyone. Not that we’ll talk to each other, except via Messenger or something like that, but eh, you never know. So that last chapter was a doozy, wasn’t it? Can’t promise this one will live up to it, but I’ll do my best. Title and quotes are as attributed, and the disclaimers mean the short dude in California owns everything. Sometimes life just isn’t fair. . .

Chapter 26: Shadows of Evil
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Chapter Notes: I’m working toward a resolution (hah! Pun intended) with this and hoping to tie up all the loose ends shortly. *Rechecks her chapters* Ah, yeah, well, that could mean we’ve got another twenty or so chapters to go with this. . . Since you know how wordy I can be although I prefer the term thorough. Anyway, this is chugging along nicely, and I’ve gotten a fair amount written in the last couple of days. Ah, some stuff in this chapter might have a high squick factor, so if you’re squeamish, I apologize in advance. Title and quotes belong to someone other than me, and the disclaimers mean the short redheaded guy owns it all. *Wonders what would happen if I bought the short guy on E-bay*

Chapter 27: Rampart of Defense
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Chapter Notes: I’m not sure how much longer this is going to be, when I wrote one of my earlier notes I was feeling very out of it. I was down, nothing was going right, and I was depressed by the lack of feedback on any of my current WIPS. However, now, I’ve changed my mind and will not shortchange the ending for this, or any of the others, and I will continue to tell the stories the way they’ve been playing out in my head. Titles and quotes are as attributed and the disclaimers are in full force and effect.

Chapter 28: The noise of battle
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Chapter Notes: This was supposed to be short! Not 28 chapters. . . And certainly not as complicated as this has become. I guess I should know better, right? This is me after all, and I am pretty wordy. *sighs* Oh well, there’s not much I can do about it but continue until the story is over, right? Right. All thanks to Spikeslovebite (Tam) who graciously edited this for me and pointed out all the errors I’d made. Without her, I’d be just mediocre. As you can see, I was feeling a bit of the Bard tonight, so most of the quotes are his, and, as always, are as attributed, and disclaimers are in full force and effect.

Chapter 29: The thundering line of battle
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Chapter Notes: Something I haven’t mentioned until now, and no one’s gotten the connections, or if they have no one’s mentioned them to me. The Initiative officers names. Unless you’ve lived under a rock and were never a kid – no one should miss the connection to the Goonies, although one could be forgiven for not ever seeing a Marc Blucas movie. I know I never have. On a more somber note, the other names have been lifted directly from some rather infamous Nazis. The connection there shouldn’t be hard for anyone to follow, since the Initiative was a direct descendent of some of the more dubious Nazi practices (and hey, it’s also canon). Anyway, I’m slowly getting this toward a finish. There’s a Connor-sentric one-shot posted at Elysian Fields and a couple of Buffy-Spike one shots on all the archives. There’s a Faith/Jenner one-shot posted on my LJ (tangwstyl) that sort of meshes in with Destinies, which is also exclusively posted at Elysian Fields. There have been a few requests to write other stories set in the Originsverse, mainly the Dawn/Wesley arc and also another couple of fics. . . All I can say is, I’ll see. I can’t promise anything. Although it looks like there might actually be seven stories in this ‘verse. So Addie Logan was right all along. Damn. I hate it when that happens. Title and quotes are as attributed and I own nothing but the plot. Nothing. Coz I don’t even have my own car right now, either.

Chapter 30: An Equal Failing
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Chapter Notes: This is working toward an ending and after that I’ll see about maybe – and that’s a huge maybe – doing more in this universe. I can’t promise anything, because I’ve been really feeling the itch to finish some of my original fictions. But I’d rather not close a door when I can keep it open just a tad. Onward then, to the story. I realize there’s been a slight break with everything, but that’s because my health decided to trip me up, and I spent 5 days in hospital as a consequence. Title and quotes are as attributed, and disclaimers once again prove that I own nothing.

Chapter 31: Intemperate in Your Blood
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Chapter Notes: I thought, while I had a house guest, that I’d be so busy, I wouldn’t get any writing done at all. And fate, in the form of irony decided I was a dope and reared its lovely head at me. So instead of me being all tied up with sightseeing and bringing a wonderful friend around New York City, she was busier than hell and couldn’t take any time at all to sightsee. Which translated to real life, meant I got some writing done. And hey, you’re all the beneficiaries of this irony. This story is nearing a close and then I’m going to concentrate on some of the other unfinished things I have hanging around. Because I really want to finish them, so that there’s nothing a reader can look at and say, ‘hey, how come that biotch Niamh didn’t finish this story?’ Yeah. Anyway, I’m working on things. Title and quotes are as attributed and I still don’t own a damn thing. Except maybe my smile, which is so rare you could classify it as an anomaly.

Chapter 32: Wondrous strange
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Chapter Notes: So who knew forcing myself to write a certain amount per day was going to actually work in my favor? Certainly not I. Well, you guys get to benefit from that. In the next couple of chapters, something about Spike is going to be revealed that I’ve often felt, based on information that Joss Whedon has let slip about our favorite vampire. So you’ll learn about what I think and some of my theories in my upcoming author’s notes. For now, though, just a fair warning that this is getting close to a wrap up. Disclaimers mean that I don’t own anything, except for a few knick-knacks here and there, but not a damn thing of importance. Oh, and those wonderful words at the beginning of the chapter? Not mine either. But hey, enjoy the story anyway.

Chapter 33: Nothing so powerful as truth
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Chapter Notes: I had a horrible week. Okay, not really horrible, but I spent the week worried and in a lot of pain. Somehow I did something to my back and well, it just has been giving me fits. I can’t stand for very long. . . but really, I know none of you want to hear that, so I’ll just get to the point. This is getting to the end. I’m not sure how many chapters are left – that depends on how much these characters cooperate. When I know, you’ll know. All thanks to my beta, who is the best editor in the world. Tam, I absolutely could not do this without you. No way, no shape, no how. Title and quotes are as attributed. I own nothing, because I am too busy paying rent and trying to keep my head above water.

Chapter 34: Nothing can make bitter into sweet
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Chapter Notes: Yeah, I know, I said this was coming to an end, depending on the cooperation of certain characters. Well, I’m not sure that cooperation is forthcoming. (Just why did Whedon have to fashion characters with a voice of their own?) Title and quotes are as attributed, and the disclaimers, as always are in full force and effect. Okay, so I know the quotes don’t exactly cover every emotion in this chapter, I’m focusing on two particular characters. When you read the chapter, hopefully, you’ll get it. I know I did. But them, I’m picking the quotes, right? Everyone say thanks to Tam a/k/a Spikeslovebite, without whom none of this is possible. Smoochies, mama. You are da best.

Chapter 35: A history making creature
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Chapter Notes: This is, quite possibly the end of the line for the Originsverse. I don’t have any new stories planned, nothing brewing in my brain plot-wise for this ‘verse. Which means, sad to say, that this is it. At least for the very foreseeable future. Perhaps forever. I’m going to focus on a couple of other things that I’ve let go, and work on them for a while. After that, I’ll see what happens. This epic has very nearly exhausted my canon Spuffy muse. Everything – pretty much – that I wanted to get said has pretty much gotten said. Hopefully I’ve not left any glaring plot holes, left nothing ambiguous, and wrapped up my Originsverse in a fairly neat little package. I hope. However, I’ll leave that to you readers to decide. For now, I’m done. Title and quotes are as attributed, and sadly, ultimately, I own nothing of the BtVS empire. I wish I did.

Chapter 36: The fear of comparison
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Chapter Notes: I’m pretty sure this is the last chapter to this saga. After – roughly six hundred thousand words – countless hours and days, weeks, months. . . This verse is pretty much at an end. It has been a wonderful ride. Through this verse, I’ve made some wonderful friends, learned things about myself and discovered an entire world of Spike-obsessed people. It has been a fantastic journey. I wish I could thank all of you that have reviewed which would be in and of itself a long, lengthy novel. Hopefully my poor attempts at fiction have brought you some happiness. Writing them has certainly done so for me. My eternal thanks to Tam, who graciously offered to beta this mess for me while we were at WriterCon 2006, without her, it would have been a messier (and much more delayed) offering. Thanks too, to Addie Logan, who bravely nominated me for the first awards and has always listened when I wanted to thrash out some plot points. And thanks to my sisters, who pushed and pushed and drove me to write and post this on the websites. Without them, I’d just be flapping my jaws and doing nothing. Lastly, thanks to my boy, who is now, nearly a man and no longer the little boy he was when I started all this, way back in 2004. I think this one has been betaed, but I'm not positive, so if you see any glaring errors, let me know. (Oh, and just so you know? This isn't the last chapter. There's a bit more. And perhaps a one-shot view into the far future. . . But that remains to be seen. Depends on a couple of things. Title and quotes are as attributed, and the disclaimers mean I own nothing.