Personal Attention by Jaesha

ReviewsRating: NC-17

Summary: After Spike Giles' wife leaves him for another man he falls into despair. Will Buffy be able to save him before he destroys himself?

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Great, just great.

Buffy Summers listened to the beginnings of an argument from down the hallway and tried to prepare herself for World War III.

She had been Drusilla Rayne’s personal assistant for three years now and in that time she had bore witness to the many explosive fights that had gone on between Dru and her husband.

“Bloody hell, Dru! What else do you want from me?” William ‘Spike’ Giles shouted loudly.

This was usually what the arguments were about. Drusilla was…fickle, at best and would demand one thing but expect another. Her husband just happened to be caught right smack in the middle of her unpredictable moods.

“You fly with big silver birds and I can never find you,” she heard Dru reply.

Oh, so this was about his touring. Buffy had become adept at deciphering Dru’s sometimes insane babbling; finding that she usually explained a thing rather than named it.

“I ‘ave to go, princess. I ‘ave responsibilities t’ my fans, you know that.” His voice had softened some which was common in their arguments. Spike tried hard to placate Dru when she was having one of her spells since there was really no reasoning with her in that state.

Buffy sat up in her bed, cursing her decision to sleep at the Rayne-Giles residence rather than make the two hour journey home to Sunnydale. Now she wouldn’t get any sleep and she’d been running on only a few hours since Thursday as it was. Their fighting lasted hours and being that it was already two in the morning; it could be dawn before they wore themselves out.

“Your fans are more important than Princess. I can see it. Breathing life into your dead body. You are their slave, my beautiful William.”

“That’s not true, baby. I’m your slave. Always yours.”

Hearing the desperation in his voice made her heart ache for him. He was her slave. Completely ruled by her in everyway and what did he receive for his devotion? Besides the constant fighting, it was pretty well known that Dru had men on the side.

Buffy had often wondered whether he knew that or not, but after one particular fight, she had gotten her answer. He flat out asked her why she sought out other men, the despair coating every syllable. She’d replied in some sort of silly riddle which only served to bring him down another notch.

He continued to stay with her though. And while Buffy thought he was just plain stupid for it, she also admired his loyalty to Dru. If only all men were that faithful.

“I’m leaving you, Spike.”



Wait a minute, what had she missed? First, they had been arguing and now the big ‘L’ word?

“I’ve found someone who’ll take care of Princess,” she replied in a flat tone.

“Why? Who?”

Yeah, why and who, indeed. Buffy was fully immersed in Dru’s life and she hadn’t seen this one coming. Last she had heard, from the horse’s mouth, was that Dru was swearing off all other men to work it out with Spike.

And now she was leaving to be with someone else. Hello, left field.

Dru started humming some silly song then said, “He’s beautiful. He speaks in angels’ tones, sings to me, says he’ll take me to where the angels live.”


“Who is it, Dru?”

This didn’t sound good, not good at all. Was Drusilla really going to leave or was she just playing one of her twisted mind games?

“I’ve already packed. Goodbye, my sweet boy. I’ll miss you ever so.”

Well, that answered her question.

“No, Dru. You can’t leave me. I love you, baby,” Spike cried.

“I have to go. He is waiting.”

“Don’t you love me anymore? Why are you doin’ this to us?”

Dru cackled, a sound that sent shivers down Buffy’s spine. “Oh, dear William. I’ve never loved you.”

If a heart breaking could make a sound it would have sounded exactly like the agonized sobs coming from the living room. Spike’s sobs.

“Dru!” He called out raggedly.

Buffy jumped up from her bed in the guest room and ran to the window. She could see Dru running out to a black Viper that was idling in the circular drive of the house. The driver’s side door opened and a tall, bulky man got out to greet her.

She recognized him. Liam Angelus had been Dru’s costar in her latest horror flick, Voodoo Games. Buffy remembered him well since the entire time she had been on the set he’d made passes at her then pretended that she didn’t exist. The guy was Grade A scum and not for the first time since she had started working for Dru, Buffy seriously questioned the woman’s sanity.

Turning away when they started making out, Buffy’s thoughts turned to Spike. Poor guy. She didn’t know him very well since she usually accompanied Dru to whatever job she had been working and Spike was constantly on tour and in the studio with his band, Dingoes Ate My Baby, but she felt sorry for him.

Nice guys apparently did finish last in this scenario.

After the couple outside finished slobbering on each other, Liam took Dru’s bags and threw them in the trunk before they both jumped into the obnoxious looking sports car and sped off.

It occurred to her then that her job might be up in the air. It was possible that Dru might throw the baby out with the bath water, so to speak, and she would be sent packing to ride the unemployment train. That was so not of the good.

She wanted to dismiss the idea. Of course Dru wouldn’t fire her. Buffy had given up all of her time to attend to her demanding boss, foregoing any sort of personal life to make sure Queen Dru had everything her cold little heart had desired. She was a valued employee. Indispensable. Irreplaceable.

That was bullshit though. Dru would drop her like a hot potato as soon as she realized she still had loose strings still blowing in the wind.

Goodbye job full of perks, hello Doublemeat Palace.


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