The Favourite by Charlie

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Summary: When Buffy is on her way to a vacation with Joyce and Dawn, their plane is hijacked, and Buffy is taken hostage. She ends up in a very foreign, Arabian Nights-like country and is sold into slavery. Guess who buys her...

Author's Notes: The country in which the story is set is fictitious - it does not exist and does not relate to any real places, real religions or real political situations. I have never been to an Arabic country, and the background I'm using for my story is that of the tales of the Arabian Nights - it is a fairytale place, no less and no more than that. So no need to send me angry emails ;-) You still want to read it? Here you go, but don't say I didn't warn you.

Disclaimer: This story is based on ideas from the French novel "La Nuit du Sérail" by Michel de Grèce. No copyright infringement intended. The names and places are entirely ficticious and do not refer to any real countries, political or social situations, religious or ideological beliefs. The language spoken in the ficticious country is based on several different Arabic languages.

This story is not complete.

Chapter 1: Hijacked
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Chapter 2: Arabian Nightmares
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Chapter 3: Unveiled
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Chapter Notes: A big thank you to my friend Mariana for the beta!!! I know you had a hard time with this chapter, but the outcome is more than worth the wait.

Chapter 4: Crime and Punishment
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Chapter Notes: Co-written by Mariana. This was probably the hardest chapter ever! What you're about to read is the result of many discussions and what seems like hundreds of emails sent between me and my friends. Without the creative input from Kar and the untiring efforts of Mariana, who fully deserves to be called co-author to this chapter, I couldn't have written it. Thanks for all your support!!!

To those of you who have expressed some concern about Buffy not resisting Spike hard enough: I can only say, have a little patience, and keep reading - she'll never be just "one of the pack". Let the story develop - you might just like it.

Chapter 5: Sheik Khari Ahani's little secret
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Chapter 6: Independence Day
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Chapter Notes: A huge thanks to my friend Mariana who did not only beta this for me, but is the reason this chapter exists.

Chapter 7: The pink-eyed monster
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Chapter Notes: All Spuffy shippers will have to be very strong this chapter. But trust me, this is just one more step on the way... Thanks to the wonderful Mariana, here's your update...

Chapter 8: Disclosure
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Chapter Notes: thanks to Mariana for all the work she had betaing this chapter (and it was a lot of work!). What would I do without you?

Chapter 9
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Chapter Notes: The lyrics used in this chapter are from Kazeem El Saher, "El Hob El Mostahil". No copyright infringement intended. No affiliation or contact to the artist or the song whatsoever. I just loved the words, so I used them.

Chapter 10: Watch Your Back
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Chapter Notes: Brace yourself for some angst in the upcoming chapters. There are spoilers for BTVS "Becoming I" (S2) and "Entropy" (S6), but since we're in AU, they are not obvious if you haven't seen those episodes. If you've seen them, some things will sound familiar though. A big thanks to the wonderful Lucile for betaing this for me. You did a great job, lady!

Chapter 11: Mr. Gordo's Secret Plan
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Chapter Notes: Okay, I’m not even going to begin to try and make up excuses for the very long break between the last update and this one, life is what happens while you are making other plans. Hope you'll enjoy this chapter anyway. Thank you all for your reviews and kind e-mails! Thanks and sloppy kisses to my wonderful beta Cile.

Chapter 12: All That's Left
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Chapter Notes: I am going to sacrifice a chocolate-covered Spikebot to my beta goddess Mariana, who got a piece of coal and made it a diamond. Thank you so much!

Another big thanks goes to Cile for filling in as beta for TF for the past few chapters. Thanks, honey!

Finally, thanks to everyone who has had enough patience to wait for this chapter.