It Came Upon the Midnight Clear by Holly

Reviews (5)Rating: NC-17

Summary: Torn and numb after her fall from Heaven, Buffy is haunted by ghosts of her past, and confronted with the truth of her future.

Author's Notes: I with the WIPs, right? I just have a weakness for Christmas fics. I don't know if TdA or my other WIP (Strawberry Fields, as written under my pseudonym) will be put on hiatus or not. My muse seems to want to work on this...and I'm gonna go where my muse takes me. All I know is, if my other WIPs are put on hiatus, it'll be very brief. I promise!

Thanks to megan_petafor betaing for me.

This fic is dedicated to coquinespike. It's not much, I know...but Merry Christmas, sweetie! *glomps*

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