Tempesta di Amore by Holly

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Summary: While vacationing in Monte Carlo, a young Buffy Summers meets the notorious William de Winter, withdrawn and desolate still from the loss of his wife. When her employer threatens to leave Europe and head back for America, William offers Buffy the choice of leaving or marrying him—a proposal she cannot refuse. With a husband she barely knows, the young bride arrives at an immense estate, only to be drawn into the life of the first Mrs. de Winter, the beautiful Drusilla, dead but never forgotten...the suite of her rooms never touched, her clothes ready to be worn, her servant—the sinister Mrs. Wolfram—still loyal. And as an eerie presentiment of evil tightens around her heart, Buffy begins her search through internal destabilization and a knowledge that haunts her with every wake: she can never be Drusilla.

Author's Notes: Okay, yeah, so I started this fic nearly two years ago. I’ve put off actively working on it for so long because it intimidates me, and its survived solely by [info]ghostgirl13's prompting. Therefore, I lovingly dedicate this story to her. She kept me on my toes, even when I didn’t want to be kept.

My semester is going to be hellacious, and now I’m officially writing four different stories – this and GoCR, plus two Ameeya WIPs that I haven’t posted anywhere yet. I hope to get a chapter of some fic done a week, and hopefully I’ll space myself out enough that it’ll mean just a week between updates for each fic. I rather doubt I’ll be able to stick to this, but that’s the plan for now. A chapter a week of whatever fics I’m actually posting at the time. One of Ameeya’s fics likely won’t be posted until it’s either well underway, or nearly complete…just because it’s long, dark, angsty, and involved. And I’m so psyched about it I can hardly contain myself.

For this fic, thanks to [info]megan_peta, [info]therealmccoy1, [info]dusty273, [info]ghostgirl13, and everyone else who’s helped me with this fic over the past couple years. I’m so sorry I can’t remember everyone. *facepalm* And I’ve since changed comps, so I don’t have your original revisions. Feel free to resend them to me.

Finally, thank you to [info]vampkiss for making me the banner so long ago.

Here’s the prologue to Tempesta di Amore, my Spuffy-tribute to my favorite book of all time, Rebecca, by Daphne du Maurier. I only hope I can do it justice.

This story is complete.

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Chapter 1
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Chapter 2
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Chapter 3
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Chapter 4
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Chapter Notes: ZOMG! Thank you so, SO MUCH to whoever nominated this story at the Spark and Burn Awards! Tempesta di Amore has been nominated for Best Fantasy and Best WIP. ZOMG IT’S UP FOR BEST FANTASY! Sorry…I’ve obviously never written a fantasy before now, so it’s all shiny and new! Really, thank you so, so much. I can’t tell you how much it means to me. *bouncy bouncy*

Chapter 5
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Chapter Notes: Tempesta di Amore has been nominated at LLGA! SQUEE! ZOMG TEMPESTA'S BEEN NOMINATED AGAIN! MY FIRST AU! SQUEE!

Thank you SO MUCH to whoever nominated me! *glomps*

Chapter 6
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Chapter Notes: I have been advised to warn my readers that this chapter is angst-heavy. Having said that, I assume most of my readers know my feelings on Spuffy by now, hopefully enough to trust me.

Tempesta di Amore won an award at Love’s Last Glimpse for Best Fantasy. Thank you SO MUCH to whoever nominated me. I’ve never, ever written a fantasy before…so this…well, it stunned the hell out of me. Thank you guys so much!

Chapter 7
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Chapter 8
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Chapter Notes: My apologies for the delay. School’s been kicking my ass hard.

And welcoming angelic_amy aboard my beta team! Thanks go to her, megan_peta, ghostgirl13, dusty273, and therealmccoy1 for editing this for me.

Chapter 9
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Chapter Notes: LOOK! An update! I figured, as I wait for two of my betas to get my It Came Upon The Midnight Clear chapter back to me, I might as well make good on my promise. Here’s more Tempesta…over a month since my last update. The good news is, rereading this has my muse revv’d so I can dive into it after It Came Upon The Midnight Clear is good and over.

Just a note…the dog in the book Rebecca was named Jasper. The dog in this story is named Jasper as well…only he’s a daschund instead of whatever he was in the book. I named him for my father’s dog…the one we put to sleep. For whatever reason, it was important that I make that distinction.

Chapter 10
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Chapter 11
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Chapter Notes: I know, I know, I know…I’m terrible. It’s been over a month. And I know I say this every time, but seriously…guys, I don’t blame you if you’ve stopped reading. My current track record notwithstanding, I am still VERY much into this fic. I promise. And actually, I think that might be one of the reasons it takes so long to update—the chapters of this story come much easier to me than the chapters of my other WIPs, therefore I give them more attention. I’ve decided to revert back to form, though, and take turns which WIP I work on, because I honestly hadn’t realized a month had gone by until I started getting emails. My profound apologies…and thanks to those who are sticking with me.

Many thanks to Megan, Mari, Yani, and Tam for looking over this for me. And special thanks to Claudia for everything that has been said. I haven’t forgotten you, hon. Look for an email from me here soon—once I get a chance to breathe.

Again and always, thank you so much to those of you who haven’t given up on me or my progress with this story. I hope you’re not disappointed.

Chapter 12
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Chapter 13
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Chapter Notes: While there was a delay between updates, it wasn’t quite as long. Heh. And this time, not due to working on other stories. It’s nearing the end of the semester for me and I’ve had about seven thousand school projects due all at once. Okay, so I exaggerate, but you get the idea. ^_~

My endless thanks to my betas, and, of course, all the lovely readers who are sticking this thing through with me. I appreciate you more than you will ever know.

Chapter 14
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Chapter 15
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Chapter 16
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Chapter Notes:

Chapter 17
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Chapter Notes: The rumors of this fic’s death have been greatly exaggerated. It’s NOT dead, nor will it be. I’m a good ways through the next chapter and, time-willing, will be working nothing but this and Strawberry Fields until one is complete.

I do, however, have eighteen hours of coursework ahead of me and betas who have very strenuous schedules. Not to mention my actual job. I beg your patience and thank your understanding. I know this fic has been a long-time coming, but I assure you, I am not letting it go. It will not remain unfinished.

Thanks to everyone who’s still reading/reviewing. To everyone who hasn’t given up on me. I appreciate your understanding and support more than I could ever hope to put into words. Thank you.

Chapter 18
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Chapter Notes: This is for JO, Kelly, Stephanie, Heather, Millie, and Spikeskatmac for taking up my tagboard and making my especially hellacious week enjoyable. I don’t think my tag has ever been so consistently popular, and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. *smoochies*

My thanks to Yani, Mari, Tami, and Amy for looking over this for me. I’m also under advisement to warn my readers that this is another angsty ride. But if you’re really nice to me, I might be persuaded to ignore homework just long enough to have another update within a week. *bribes shamelessly*

Chapter 19
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Chapter 20
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Chapter Notes: My profuse apologies for the delay. I’ve been bogged down in school papers and exams. I hope to have the next chapter written by the end of the weekend, but no promises. My betas similarly have hectic schedules, therefore I’ve been waiting for their revisions.

As a small reminder, here’s where we left off…

Previously: After being tricked by Mrs. Hart into donning the very same costume worn by Drusilla at the masque, Buffy spent the night waiting for William to join her. A confrontation with Mrs. Hart confirms the woman’s previously-unspoken hatred for Manderley’s new mistress, resulting in an attempt at coerced suicide. Buffy and Mrs. Hart are interrupted by the sound of an explosion at the bay, and the sight of William running toward the scene.

Chapter 21
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Chapter Notes: I’m so nervous about this. *hides*

Chapter 22
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Chapter 23
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Chapter Notes:

Author's Note: I’m back! And I have a very special treat for everyone who’s still reading. I am incredibly sorry for the delay on this; I took a brief break to write holiday fics and it took me longer than I thought to get back on track. But again, if you’re still with me, this chapter shouldn’t disappoint. My thanks to Tami, Mari, EB, and Yani for looking over this.

Previously: A grisly discovery at the bay forces William to confess he murdered Drusilla, as well as the true details of their less-than-happy marriage. Buffy finally learns that she’s had William’s love from the beginning, but even as they take solace in each other’s arms, they know they can’t get too complacent, as the reality of Drusilla’s demise might end up costing William his freedom, and Buffy the man she loves.

Chapter 24
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Chapter Notes: My current plan is to wrap this story up in three more chapters. Thank you guys so much for not giving up on me—particularly thanks to [info]ghostgirl13 who wouldn’t let me give up on myself. For this chapter, thanks to [info]dusty273, [info]spikeslovebite, and [info]ghostgirl13 for looking over it for me. You guys are the best!

Chapter 25
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Chapter Notes: I know the excitement insofar as William and Buffy’s relationship in this story has died, but I do thank everyone who’s stuck with me for the remainder. It’s a ride I never thought I’d actually see to the finish, and the support from you guys makes it all the more worthwhile.

For those of you familiar with the book, you’ll notice I’m taking a slight detour from the way du Maurier wrote her conclusion. It’s not a break from what happened, per se, but I am cutting back a significant portion from the inquest to the final chapter, and I’m doing so for the following reasons:

1.) That section, while I love it, drags a bit.
2.) This is my story, modeled admittedly after du Maurier’s, but I don’t feel a need to do everything exactly as she did.
3.) I’ve been working on this story now for over two years, and I admit I’m suffering from “senioritis.” I really want to see it finished, not because I’m tired of it or no longer care for the story, but rather I promised myself I wouldn’t start another HUGE project again until it was finished and I’m dying to get to the other saga that’s been in my head since October.

As I said, the minor alterations don’t really affect the storyline. Or if they do, hopefully not too drastically. ^_~

Thanks again to my betas and my readers!

Chapter 26
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Chapter Notes: I’m going to save the big author’s note for the conclusive chapter. The next will be the end of this story—one nearly four years in the making. All I have now is…my endless and utter thanks to everyone who stuck by me with this. I know at times it seemed I’d never finish it, but we’re in the final stretch now. Almost to the finish line. Thanks to my readers and my betas.

Chapter 27
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Chapter Notes: Thanks so much to dusty273 and spikeslovebite for looking over this for me.