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Reviewer: fyreburned
Title: V
Date Signed: 04-22-08

Fantastic! Bloody Fantastic!!! I know that I've read this fic somewhere before (not sure where, maybe EF, BSV, VK, or TSR ?) but, irregardless, having read it again I am still tremendously impressed. I so thoroughly enjoyed it, reading it straight through (playing hookie for a wee short time from beta-ing----aw, back to the mines!). I just stumbled across a link to this site, not really realizing that NL was still in action...I thought it was a closed archive, and had been for some time. I thought I'd read most all I'd been interested in here quite a while back, when reading fan-fic via my cell's net-browser in text-only format a couple or three years ago now. I know I read fics from specifically, and thougtht I'd tapped it out. I am glad I stumbled on a link to it and checked it out again---I've found lots of fics I didn't realize existed, and many to quench my hunger for post-Chosen/post-NFA/&-or BtVS S8 & AtS S6/AtF/future-fics! And this was one such tid-bit to sate my craving! Again, I'm glad to have found this archive and glad to've found and/or re-read this fic of yours (yours are always a pleasure to read!) ~~K.~~ ~~fyreburned~~