Total: 4

Reviewer: stella
Title: Chapters 19 & 20
Date Signed: 08-23-12

This was great and nothing short of what i have imagined countless times myself, its seems only logical that she would be turned eventually, but i have envisioned her being turned by Spike out of necessity and desperation to save her...your story could continue, but its great the way you finished it too... thanks, this one is definitely worth a re read in the future sometime.

Reviewer: Jags
Title: Chapters 19 & 20
Date Signed: 06-29-11

Very good. You played the characters very wonderfully.

Reviewer: Binkertell
Title: Chapters 19 & 20
Date Signed: 03-05-10

BADASS story. Very, very well written. Characters were on point, I didn't feel like they did a single thing out of character. Very good read!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: Katerfelto
Title: Chapters 17 & 18
Date Signed: 04-12-07

Fun story. /// There's an idiom you consistently get wrong. You've done it twice now. The correct version is "She was too far gone to notice/care." You've been using "foregone": a sufficiently bad error to make your readers stumble and lose track of the story for a moment. It's well worth your time and effort to get that one right.