Total: 9

Reviewer: enugifuw
Title: Chapters 31 & 32
Date Signed: 06-27-16

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Reviewer: Lilya
Title: Chapters 25 & 26
Date Signed: 10-03-15

Sonagi,I do not have any information on Web sites that do not reiqure a national ID, and I do not know how to get around the problem. I wish they would stop doing that. I usually just ignore such sites, or link to the parts that are open to unregistered visitors. There is a lot of free stuff out there.As for my posting, I like doing it because it helps me remember things. I could keep notes on my computer, but I tend to never look at them again after I save them. I don't have that problem when I post online. I regularly go back and look at old posts to refresh my memory because many times I use posts as a kind of bookmark for things I want to study, but have no time for at that moment. Also, I like to post online because I pay more attention to making clear notes since I know people might be reading them.I am glad you are enjoying the posts. Take care.

Reviewer: JoAnne
Title: Chapters 9 & 10
Date Signed: 12-27-14

Sweet Jesus I'm so glad that you're keeping Angel true to his character and making him a piece of shit. I absolutely love this story.

Reviewer: Miranda
Title: Chapters 33-35
Date Signed: 01-22-13

Brilliant story

Reviewer: Jackie
Title: Chapters 33-35
Date Signed: 03-16-12

One of, if not my favorite fics out there. The amount of times I've read this is criminal. I enjoy everything you write, but this is by far my favorite.

Reviewer: Rae
Title: Chapters 3 & 4
Date Signed: 10-13-11

Wow. This is a very well written piece. Very unique storyline, where did you get this idea from? I've read lots of Spuffy dealing with mating and the like, but never have I read something as original and intriguing as this. Aside from the plot, your detail within the ideas keep me wanting to read on.

Reviewer: mic
Title: Chapters 33-35
Date Signed: 08-24-11

Hi holly. I am one of your mist avid fans. I've read almost all your stories and i say you are so gifted! All your stories areall beauyifully written. I just love the way you characterize buffy who oftentimes is portrayed as bitch buffy or denial queen in the other fanfic but in your case, you have shown buffy at her best - that she an be sweet, loving, kind and all embracing of love for spike. The way you write about spike's love for buffy is so intensely written that one cannot help but fall in love with him. Please continue writing. You keep buffy and spike alive!

Reviewer: Jags
Title: Chapters 33-35
Date Signed: 06-13-11

Excellent story! Bravo!

Reviewer: Amanda
Title: Chapters 33-35
Date Signed: 09-21-09

I loved this story! I have read tons of Spuffy but I usually stay away from AU type stories. Your plot lines were detailed and truly intriguing! Even building this AU story you stayed true to Spike and Buffy as characters and cast Angel the way I always see him, damn poofster! xoxo