Total: 4

Reviewer: Leighroyal
Title: Chapters 19 & 20
Date Signed: 08-23-16

SO good!! I looooved this! You should be writing romance novels for a living, you are so talented (-: Thanks, Heather

Reviewer: diebirchen
Title: Chapters 15 & 16
Date Signed: 10-17-14

Nope. No tux. As one who has attended Sadie Hawkins' dances, I can tell you what people wear. The dress as characters from Al Capp's "Li'l Abner" newspaper cartoon. It was he who came up with the whole Sadie Hawkins' Day Race in his cartoon about hill billy life in Dogpatch, U.S.A. There's a Broadway musical and a movie of that name. Are there still Sadie Hawkins' dances today when there is no cartoon and people probably don't understand what the name means? Hell, maybe they do wear tuxes, since they don't know the allusion involved in the name.

Reviewer: Gemmy
Title: Chapters 19 & 20
Date Signed: 06-12-09

Hey, I have seen this fic posted on a couple of sites but never read it as it didn't appeal to me at first. Last night i fancied something a little different so i gave it a shot. I loved it and im now kicking myself for not reading it sooner. So, thanks for writing such a great fic, i thought it was well thought out, well writen and the Dru/Penn paring was insirational, this is only the second fic i have come across with Penn in it. You caracterised him really well, especially considering how little Joss gave you to work with. Gemmy x

Reviewer: Yani
Title: Chapters 19 & 20
Date Signed: 07-27-06

Testing the reivew form... but I really love this story. :o)