Total: 7

Reviewer: Carol
Title: Chapters 24-27
Date Signed: 05-29-12

Can I be in love with you? Is that okay? I love this story! I stayed up until four AM yesterday reading it! I couldn't stop until my eyes had forced themselves closed. You rock! I love this story soooooooooooooo much! It's just so awesome. This take numbe one place in my heart. I read your Christmas Spuffy fic as well, and I love it too! You are making me choose between your story and YOUR story for my favorite! This one takes first though. I love it!

Reviewer: jo
Title: Chapters 24-27
Date Signed: 04-04-11

lov it

Reviewer: Jags
Title: Chapters 24-27
Date Signed: 09-14-10

That was fantastic! lol very funny in parts and nice angst too. Congrats

Reviewer: Maggie
Title: Chapters 24-27
Date Signed: 08-12-10

Hey, that was great. I totally loved the dialogues between Spike and Buffy at the begining (as well as in the whole story, I just want to point that out), it was so much fun and sarcastic, just the way it should be. Great job, thanks!

Reviewer: Chantel
Title: Chapters 24-27
Date Signed: 03-02-09

I read this whole story in one night lol.. I dont sleep much... Anyways, i really enjoyed it. I loved how the whole bieng stuck in an alternate universe played out. I always thought Buffy and Spike were meant for each other, and I always felt that she started falling in love with Spike in season 5 so you couldnt have chosen a better season to start this off in. I couldnt picture a better ending either. Awesomeness all around!

Reviewer: evangelin
Title: Chapters 24-27
Date Signed: 07-21-08

It's very sweet. After Spike claimed Buffy there were too much chapters left and I through that there was enough time for everything to mess up and make me cry put it didn't. It finished just great. Why Joss isn't a happy-end fan, too ?!

Reviewer: Elizabeth
Title: Chapters 24-27
Date Signed: 06-23-07

this is the one of my favorites fic has a little of everything my favorite part is where anya kicked xander out of the i cried when all friends abandon because of spike. i love the fic

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