Total: 4

Reviewer: Steve
Title: Chapters 20 & 21
Date Signed: 01-24-15

The reason some woman show befroe others is because a lot of us have had children previously, our muscles are not as taught as first timers!! Every woman has a different shape and size. Just because some of you feel that they shouldn't be showing as soon as they are doesn't mean that we are just bloated or were bigger to begin with. The point of posting all of these pics are to share how we are changing in THIS pregnancy, its exciting to see and to share with others. So please keep your negative comments to yourself. If you are pregnant and looking at this then you should know that a lot of us are very selfconcious this is the last place we should be judged as we are all mothers and should know the changes that our bodies are going to be going through. Lets be encouriging to each other not negative

Reviewer: Didi
Title: Chapters 26-28
Date Signed: 08-29-14

Great sequel! I really enjoyed reading it, at moments Buffy or Spike attitude was a bit annoying, but overall I love it!

Reviewer: Nova
Title: Chapters 26-28
Date Signed: 07-18-10

Not dark - I was worried about you saying it was dark. So many authors make a great fic and then ruin it with a dark sequel where people die and real bad thngs happen. Really loved both of these - and you didn't ruin it - great sequel

Reviewer: Deb
Title: Chapters 26-28
Date Signed: 05-15-07

Wonderful continuation of your original story. Loved it!