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Reviewer: swarovski charm
Title: Chapter 9
Date Signed: 07-29-14

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Reviewer: Nemeys
Title: Chapter 26
Date Signed: 06-29-14

Let me begin by saying, I've read all your stories both here and on elysian fields, and this one is definitely one of my favourites, as well as being the reason I became such a fan of yours. I just had to beg, is there any way you would finish it (or tell me if you have and have posted it elsewhere)?

Reviewer: BuffyQuotes101
Title: Chapter 26
Date Signed: 01-05-12

This is seriously one of the most amazing fics I've EVER read. Soooo well written. It had me laughing out loud!!! I seriously can't say enough great things about this! SUPERB job!! Thank you for writing it!

Reviewer: alberta
Title: Chapter 26
Date Signed: 04-18-11

hi! i'm a girl from italy and i'd love to read this ff.. but i wanted to ask you if you're gonna finish it cause i don't start reading stories if they're not finished (when i see there's no end yet i go mad!) xDD.. please answer.. love from Italy.. BYE!!

Reviewer: Perez
Title: Chapter 26
Date Signed: 01-19-11

This story is amazing! I really hope you continue it and finish! Ugh the buffy and spike relationship is soooo amazing every time i pass by the most recent list and I see it I re-read it all over again! this chapter was awesome with buffy finally letting loose and showing spike how she feels and i like how funny she is with the amazing one-liners "That's how I conquered Poland" and "signing the waiver for her parents to pull the plug" GENIUS! Pleaseee pleaseeee keep updating because I can't wait to see more :)

Reviewer: Beatrix
Title: Chapter 24
Date Signed: 12-08-10

Great story. Perfect finish. So wish there was an epilogue with some serious banging. *sigh*

Reviewer: Indigo
Title: Chapter 24
Date Signed: 06-29-10

awww! i don't usually read all human fics, but this was just too good. awesome job, i loved it.

Reviewer: amidala
Title: Chapter 24
Date Signed: 06-17-10

Great story. The conversation between Spike and Rupert in the kitchen was just heartbreaking! I really hope you'll be finishing this some time.

Reviewer: riotwritergirl
Title: Chapter 24
Date Signed: 06-04-10

For heaven's sake - finish this story!

Reviewer: Fred
Title: Chapter 24
Date Signed: 05-25-10

Awsome work, really! hope it doesn't end here. I'll send you my muse if I must ;)

Reviewer: Ariel
Title: Chapter 24
Date Signed: 02-02-10

I absolutely love your work :) I can't wait for more

Reviewer: chicalatina526
Title: Chapter 24
Date Signed: 01-31-10

I absolutely love love love this story i hope you update soon b/c I'm soooo hooked, I check everyday at least twice in hopes you have updated...just in case you think noone is reading I'm here patiently waiting :)