Total: 11

Reviewer: Natalie209
Title: Chapter 14
Date Signed: 07-24-17

Really love this! Well done :)

Reviewer: Cat
Title: Chapter 3
Date Signed: 04-08-15

O.M.G. Is all I have to say. 😍

Reviewer: Theresa
Title: Chapter 14
Date Signed: 04-22-13

Is there a chapter 15? I read this chapters 1 through 14 in one sitting, and would really like to finish, but there isn't any chapter 15. Please tell me you will finish this! I was really very good!!

Reviewer: BHP
Title: Chapter 14
Date Signed: 03-04-13

Ripping good yarn! More, please.

Reviewer: Miranda
Title: Chapter 14
Date Signed: 01-17-13

Please finish this story soon!!! Love it

Reviewer: Deb B
Title: Chapter 14
Date Signed: 11-16-12

Hi Abby" I couldn't resist going back to reread your wonderful WIP! I just love this storyline and hope you feel compelled to revisit it again! I would love to see where you take their burgeoning relationship. And I just think your writing style nails their complex feelings toward one another. Hope you are well! Deb

Reviewer: Portal
Title: Chapter 14
Date Signed: 10-10-12

Great story, Abby! Just so you know, if you ever decide to finish it, people (like me) will be delighted to read whatever you add.

Reviewer: stella
Title: Chapter 14
Date Signed: 06-19-12

I was devastated when I suddenly came to the end, I am hoping that you will update soon, I have become a slave to these incredible stories, Spike and Buffy were amazing together, I only wish Joss Whedon had given them moore, so glad Buffy finally reciprocates. Thank you!

Reviewer: Stella
Title: Chapter 1
Date Signed: 06-19-12

I love this story, I can't wait for more, please don't keep me waiting, I am totally hooked!!!

Reviewer: lordgarth
Title: Chapter 4
Date Signed: 09-15-10

No review. Just a thank you for such a great reworking of the Spike Buffy legend. I think that just for nostalgia at their amazing chemistry together, both James Marsters and Sarah Michelle Gellar should read this and remember how real the passion could have been

Reviewer: Jags
Title: Chapter 4
Date Signed: 09-03-10

THAT WAS AWESOME! Love the angst please keep it up! I'll be watching for an update