Total: 4

Reviewer: Miranda
Title: Chapter 7 & Epilogue
Date Signed: 01-21-13

Good, can't find the next one though. I'm enjoying your AU, it's different

Reviewer: Junior
Title: Chapter 4
Date Signed: 12-10-12

The Body Hush Season 5 final where she sacrifices helersf for Dawn Innocence Buffy with the rocket launcher is one of my fav images from the show Passion heartbreaking Becoming part 1&2 Spike and his happy meals on legs' comments. Willow and Xander and Oz. So much emotion. Reply

Reviewer: Lulu
Title: Chapter 4
Date Signed: 09-24-12

I'm an utter newbie. My old cut & paste tihcneque no longer gave satisfactory results. HTML-Kit was necessary, but daunting. Your tutorial was spectacular. Thank you for sharing useful advice, laced with humor and encouragement. I think you have helped far more people than are listed here..

Reviewer: Emma
Title: Chapter 2
Date Signed: 05-17-09

another great story, looking forward to the next chapter