Total: 9

Reviewer: Ju des brumes
Title: Chapter 20: Home
Date Signed: 06-18-17

Thanks !!!!!

Reviewer: Ollie
Title: Chapter 9: Upheaval
Date Signed: 07-21-16

I had no idea how to approach this befroe-now I'm locked and loaded.

Reviewer: Cinward
Title: Chapter 20: Home
Date Signed: 11-12-13

Loved. I never could understand most of season 6. This is much better.

Reviewer: Jamie
Title: Chapter 5: Twisting Paths
Date Signed: 09-25-12

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Reviewer: Renato
Title: Chapter 16: Find a Way
Date Signed: 09-23-12

Michele,On the , the two layouts that prsopuely hide the MySpace navigation bar (#1 and #3) are clearly marked as such. You should read the layout notes before installing any of them to avoid surprises.Also, I do have an easy-to-use that can help you quickly whip up your own custom plain black layout.

Reviewer: Shadowhawke
Title: Chapter 20: Home
Date Signed: 07-12-12

Loved this story, as I love many of your others. I really liked Spike and Buffy growing together, and I especially liked Tara and Anya's strength, and of course, the alternate interpretation of 'Smashed' that you based this off. Thank you again for all of your lovely, lovely writing.

Reviewer: Jags
Title: Chapter 20: Home
Date Signed: 04-04-11

Wonderful story. Ugh I hate how Willow was in the series and I don't think that you were exaggerating. The relationship between Buffy and Spike was really well written. Keep up the good work.

Reviewer: sister cuervo
Title: Chapter 20: Home
Date Signed: 11-09-08

Lovely work as always. This one will be a favourite of mine. Thanks for writing.

Reviewer: Sandy
Title: Chapter 20: Home
Date Signed: 04-10-07

Just found your story a couple of days ago and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I certainly like YOUR version of season 6 much better then the actual one - thought it made more sense too. Very well done! Thank you.