Total: 4

Reviewer: Georgerum
Title: Chapter 26-Epilogue
Date Signed: 02-05-17

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Reviewer: LVB
Title: Chapter 26-Epilogue
Date Signed: 07-15-12

A thoroughly entertaining story!

Reviewer: Deb
Title: Chapter 26-Epilogue
Date Signed: 05-09-07

Fantastic story. You did a great job of weaving through the characters joys and insecurities. The timeline changes were well handled, and gave further depth to the storyline. Absolutely loved it.

Reviewer: Katerfelto
Title: Chapters 6-10
Date Signed: 04-11-07

The last section of Chapter 6 bothers me. Buffy has spent three years not thinking about her actions that precipitated Spike's departure, or her feelings about him. Having all that change the moment she finds herself pregnant and abandoned makes her seem like a cynical opportunist. She needs a long-haul guy who'll love her and support her, so now she wants to hear about how Spike is doing? That has nothing to do with his needs, and everything to do with hers.