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Reviewer: Pap
Title: Chapter 18
Date Signed: 10-25-15

I'm a very, very niche market for the Twilight sieres (being one of the extremely rare male fans, and (I suspect, though I have much less data to back this one up) one of the extremely *rarer* male fans who aren't gay), so maybe my opinion on BD counts less. So be it.I had no major problem with BD. I would have preferred that what people are describing as pseudo-pedophilia not be the canon pairing, but more because I preferred another pairing for the first half of the book for the character in question (go Leah!) than because of any particular squickiness the book inspired. And most of the criticisms that people recount leaves me baffled, because they are "sins" SM is no less guilty of in the first three books.Folks, the Twilight sieres is not literature. It is fluff, it is a Twinkie. It is a fairly well-executed Twinkie, but it is not even literature on the level of Harry Potter. It is not literature at all. It's just a vehicle for turning off your brain for a few hours and departing with a glow of "aww" when you and your brain rejoin ways.I could blast SM on any one of a hundred of things, if I were judging her work against Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, Animorphs, or, heck, most YA heavy fandom'd properties (Not Eragon, though. I have much greater respect for a writer who chooses to sit on the sidelines of the game of literature than one who attempts to play, cheats, and still manages to lose). But I'm not. It's enjoyable enough. Let it be.

Reviewer: Shetand
Title: Chapter 6
Date Signed: 10-25-15

I think Breaking Dawn is one of the exceptions to the rule on rienrutng book, but not because it was bad.I bought it thinking it was like the previous three Stephanie Meyers YA novels: marketed towards the young end of YA, not horribly dark or grotesque, and something I could give to my little sister to enjoy when I finished it. I really felt for the mothers who went to the book release to keep an eye on their little girls as they waited for this book, only to find out after their kids have read it--I mean, they've read the first three, and they're as harmless as the Boxcar Children, right?--that the book itself had a gory birth scene, pseudo-pedophilia, and many passages preaching the JOY and HAPPINESS in teenage pregnancy. The book didn't live up to the age appropriateness it established in the first three.They made such a big deal about the fact that unlike the Twilight books, the Host was an adult books. With BD, there was no reason to believe it would not be appropriate for the younger end of young adults. A little bit of a warning like we got with the Harry Potter books might have saved some of the outrage.Admittedly the book was still pretty bad, but there is a difference between bad and offensively bad, and I largely suspect in this case the abrupt shift in what was acceptable in the books is what drove people over the edge. I believe people will accept a lot more before being outraged if they're at an R-rated movie than if they're at a PG-rated movie.

Reviewer: Nemesys
Title: Chapter 31
Date Signed: 12-20-13

Wow. Just, wow. I've read an unhealthy amount of Spuffy fanfic good AND bad both before and after reading this story, and this is definitely my favourite. It might be a sign that I'm extremely twisted, but I really like seeing emotionally broken (though not helpless) Buffy.. Haven't found any other fic treating this kind of subject well, and I also want to congratulate you on the brilliant use of Spike's POV. You went completely off canon but still stayed true to the characters, and managed to make their personality changes believable. This is the first review I've ever posted, and I just have to say: Please? I don't know if you still even write fanfiction (it's been almost four years since you've update the story, even if I did only read it last month) or if this site is even active anymore. But please, please, please could you finish the story? If not on Nocturnal Light then send a link to somewhere else or whatever. Either way, you're a really talented writer. I really liked most of your stories, but The Writing on the Wall will always be (in my opinion) your best. Just seems like a huge shame to leave it hanging. I am not above extensive begging, and judging from the other reviews you've received, there are others like me. Please consider giving us much needed closure?

Reviewer: Krissie
Title: Chapter 31
Date Signed: 04-23-13

Hello... To echo what other reviewers are saying, I'm sure you've long since moved on from this story, but in the off chance you still update, I would love to see this finished!! This story popped my Spuffy cherry, and I can't help but come back to it - still the best I've read. Thank you for writing it!

Reviewer: Nessie
Title: Chapter 31
Date Signed: 07-08-12

I'm so in love with this story! I'm sure you haven't thought of it in ages considering the last update was in 2010, but I was wondering if you'd considered finishing it? It just seems such a shame to let it go unfinished, you've done a brilliant job with it so far. Just a thought... Desperately hoping, Nessie

Reviewer: Stella
Title: Chapter 31
Date Signed: 06-18-12

I can't wait for you to finish this, amazing, incredible!!!!

Reviewer: Stella
Title: Chapter 31
Date Signed: 06-17-12

Omg please , please finish this, I loved every engrossing minute of the story I just wait for you to finish it.

Reviewer: Jackie
Title: Chapter 31
Date Signed: 02-21-12

I am sucking up any Spuffy fics I can...I didn't want to start this bc it was incomplete and didn't want to be left hanging...but I did anyway. It's amazing...will you consider finishing it off? I'm not even sure if this site is still live to posting...or if you get email these reviews...but wanted to put in the request!

Reviewer: Kimberly L
Title: Chapter 1
Date Signed: 08-14-11

WOW!, on the edge of my seat! Great opening chapter.

Reviewer: meme
Title: Chapter 31
Date Signed: 02-05-11

I READ THIS STORY IN 13 HOURS AND I WANT MORE bloody brilliant!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: Ranilyn
Title: Chapter 31
Date Signed: 01-30-10

I read this story a long time ago....but then I forgot about it because I read up to the latest chapter. Then by great chance, found one of your other stories and then realized, ohmigosh, its the same person who wrote The Writing on the Wall. Love your fics by the way! One of the best spuffy writers ever. Hope you update soon...very soon!

Reviewer: Maryann
Title: Chapter 28
Date Signed: 11-07-09

Another interesting version of season 5 one not too often seen Buffy in a Hell demention and Spike going to her rescue well who else duh. You have done one hell of a job enjoyed from the beginning till the last chapter and then you left us in hell. I hope it will not be for another 300 yrs, have to know what happens to our fave couple and what will happen when they finally get home. Please update soon you are one great writer.

Reviewer: Nae
Title: Chapter 24
Date Signed: 06-09-09

Love the new updates. Keep up the great work. I'm following this story til the very end cuz its very good. :D

Reviewer: Maryann
Title: Chapter 23
Date Signed: 05-26-09

An entrancing story that I realize needs a magnificent ending that only can give. Now that Buffy has returned to herself she and Spike can decipher the wall which can hold the secret to the way out of hell. The scoobies thru Willow make contact. Buffy realizes she loves Spike for himself. So many options. Please put me on the list for updates Thanks

Reviewer: Emma
Title: Chapter 22
Date Signed: 05-05-09

really great story, are you going to finish it?