Total: 9

Reviewer: Buffy Convert
Title: Prologue-Chapter 5
Date Signed: 11-01-15

I am quite enjoying this and probably won't be writing any more reviews till the end because I have a real life that prevents me from spending all my time reading (but it is a priority). Like the part about Oz giving Spike his uncle's name as a source of domicile.

Reviewer: ray ban sole uomo
Title: Chapters 21-25
Date Signed: 07-19-14

hmm. idk. je pense que je prolly comme les chemises Hollister mieux. mais, dans la mesure du pantalon aller. je pense qu'ils sont sur la m?me. en fin de compte, id ont prolly dire j'aime Hollister plus. pas attendre. abercrombie. oh merde. idk, lol. Je suppose que cela d?pend de combien d'argent j'ai sur moi. ray ban sole uomo

Reviewer: cil_domney
Title: Chapters 36-41
Date Signed: 03-02-14

I love this series and how you treat all of the characters - Was great reading it again.

Reviewer: Kids Uggs
Title: Chapters 21-25
Date Signed: 12-15-13

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Reviewer: Jags
Title: Chapters 36-41
Date Signed: 03-17-11

Wonderful story! Your writing improved of the course of it too. Bravo and keep it up!

Reviewer: toomanynouns
Title: Chapters 36-41
Date Signed: 08-31-10

Very nice! Lots of warm fuzzies, but still very true to the cannon mood. I love how you fleshed out minor parts of the plot like Joyce/Giles and Willow/Oz. Spike definitely fills Angel's role much better than Angel ever did. I look forward to reading the next installment. Cheers!

Reviewer: laur
Title: Prologue-Chapter 5
Date Signed: 06-26-10

loving so far, not an angle i would have considered!

Reviewer: Maria
Title: Chapters 36-41
Date Signed: 03-08-07

Having just started reading the story once more I've just finished chapter 6 and apparently come a bit philosophical. :-) I think, one reason the Powers That Be would choose Angel as the sacrificial lamb in the ‘next apocalypse’ – now consider its been a while I cannot seem to remember what apocalypse is refereed to, but thought it might end with the Sanshu (how do you spell it?) – would be that if Spike were to turn into William the Powers would loose a fighter, while if Angel died or was turned human they wouldn’t really loose a fighter since he never really did anything except trying to get in Buffy’s pants. I really that that guy, he never did shit to help except make those strange, difficult to understand warnings – that never really helped anyway! I still love you work and will probably get through it all once more in the near future. Keep up the good work, the world can never get to many good writes! Best regards, Maria

Reviewer: nmcil
Title: Chapters 36-41
Date Signed: 08-19-06

great couple of days reading your story - It was great to revisit this season with your Spike and Spuffy Twist - and being introduced to all those wonderful poems - I have just started reading Neruda so I especially was grateful to see them here - all fit just perfect with the story and with Spike and Buffy's series arc. always a fan of your work - nmcil