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Reviewer: Nimisha
Title: Chapter 17
Date Signed: 01-24-15

I love tough guys. I will read any book with a sports hero and I love it when the hero has to in some way take care of his woman. I am not crazy about the weepy guy, but a guy who is wnliilg to hold back a woman's hair is amazing. I love romance and anything that makes my heart beat faster, or sigh in contentment

Reviewer: Whindynit
Title: Chapter 25
Date Signed: 11-28-13

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Reviewer: Whindynit
Title: Chapter 25
Date Signed: 11-27-13

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Reviewer: Whindynit
Title: Chapter 25
Date Signed: 11-27-13

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Reviewer: Julie Metcalf
Title: Chapter 25
Date Signed: 10-25-13

Omg needs an,epilogue amazing

Reviewer: Naughty Schoolgirl
Title: Chapter 25
Date Signed: 09-11-11

Great story--especially for an A/U A/H version. Nice to see Liam actually being a good guy. And Faith as a sassy barmaid--how perfect is that? Also love Jonathon and Andrew as lovers. One question, though--the chapter where Buffy got dressed as a naughty schoolgirl--I didn't really understand what Will was feeling--I can see the residual guilt for having wanted Buffy as a child, but his response was so strong, I'm thinking maybe he actually is a bit kinky. And therefore, I think another fic where Will and Buffy do the stern headmaster/naughty schoolgirl scene is called for. ;-)

Title: Chapter 25
Date Signed: 05-25-10

on the whole nice job hope to see it continued some day

Reviewer: ania
Title: Chapter 25
Date Signed: 01-03-10

whoah.. at last.. congratulation for the end.. wait to long darl.. good to see them get together...

Reviewer: ania
Title: Chapter 24
Date Signed: 10-08-09

oh NO!!! NO !!! please.. update soon.. good God.. i really wanna know what happen to both of them.. please...

Reviewer: lenee
Title: Chapter 21
Date Signed: 05-08-09

wtf???? NOOOOO. I'm dying on the inside over here!! ahhh!

Reviewer: nicholas
Title: Chapter 20
Date Signed: 04-02-09

Story took a strange turn after chap 18.

Reviewer: Nick
Title: Chapter 18
Date Signed: 12-15-08


Reviewer: Terry
Title: Chapter 17
Date Signed: 11-24-08

William is a bad, bad, man... *swoon* Naughty School girl is not a bad fantasy role play as long as she's not actually a school girl. He's older than Buffy and has been in love with her since childhood - however - as long as he's not actually luring other actual young children to perform sexual acts with him - then his occasional memories of her growing up are not that taboo. Kinda like the relationship between Father Ralph di Bricassart and Meg Cleary from Thorn Birds.

Reviewer: Terry
Title: Chapter 14
Date Signed: 08-13-08

Hey DK! Googled "Willaim Buffy fanfic" and found your story! Really enjoying it so far! Very sweet story starting with Buffy and William growing up together - your teaching experience is showing! LOL! It's very easy and natural how their relationship comes about. And I definitely "feel" your knowledge of the characters. William feels studious, shy, reserved - but sweet, patient and protective - with just that "hint" of passion lying beneath the surface. Likewise Buffy is energetic and outgoing with innocence and compassion. Your humor amazes me! Some of it it just LOL FUNNY! And I was so with Buffy in the scene above - "Who says I'm wearing any panties at all, William." MUWAHAHAHA! :D I like how you've woven the Buffy/Angel characters into a "non-Verse" story! SMART! And I'm LOVING your William! Was confused as to why you thought "we" wouldn't like William - but I guess you have more story to cover... ;) At this point - I still like him! Great story! Can't wait for the rest! -T

Reviewer: Varin
Title: Chapter 10
Date Signed: 07-20-08

I stumbled across this fic while looking for good Spuffy. It's a good all-human. I like that you waited 10 chapters to get them in bed. Nice job with building your world and characters. (I loved the scene where she thinks he's gay, and the aftermath with Liam.) I'm curious about what comes next.