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Reviewer: kitten
Title: Chapter 3
Date Signed: 01-30-15

Lovelovelove this story, Isobel is adorable, I want to see the double date, please continue.

Reviewer: Kimberly
Title: Chapter 3
Date Signed: 08-11-13

aww that was sweet. I do wish you would continue. And can I just say I am so glad the price isn't the First gets loose? I hate the first.

Reviewer: Meag
Title: Chapter 3
Date Signed: 06-01-11

Oh gosh! I love this story already. I really hope you find time to keep going!! Love how Dawn shoved it back in Xanders face. I was saying that to myself the ENITRE time watching the Buffy Series about how Anya probably killed way more people than Spike ever had... keep going!! It's great!

Reviewer: Catherine
Title: Chapter 3
Date Signed: 01-31-10

Okay, I just found this...right after the last comment. Wonderful!! Keep it coming.... The smut is amazing!

Reviewer: Nae
Title: Chapter 3
Date Signed: 04-30-09

A wonderful story. Keep the amazing work up.

Reviewer: Tinkerbell
Title: Chapter 2
Date Signed: 05-17-08

Okay did you like promise your 1st born child to evil forces in exchange for amazing writing abilities! Because once again you've hooked me in and will be awaiting anxiously for your next update.