Total: 13

Reviewer: Gotta
Title: Chapter 1
Date Signed: 01-24-15

This was long before Suz Brockmann caepluattd SEALS into romance. They were both NUTS. Crazy. Frightening.I think they probably have to be. But yeah, in a book? Totally sexy.Actually, my brother will be joining a SEAL team next year, not as an actual SEAL but as a consultant (Naval, though he's still serving) for languages and intel. Very cool, but a little scary.

Reviewer: keni
Title: Chapter 8
Date Signed: 05-31-14

Sequel. Sequel. Sequel!!! Prerelease!!! It's awesome and I wanna read more!!

Reviewer: nmcil
Title: Chapter 9
Date Signed: 11-24-12

I hope that you did write another story - I really enjoyed reading this but I would have like a much longer work.

Reviewer: nmcil
Title: Chapter 8
Date Signed: 11-24-12

I love how you used the Buffy in Heaven theme - and Isobel being resurrected is another thing that I really liked. It's nice reading this story again -

Reviewer: Christine
Title: Chapter 9
Date Signed: 12-22-11

OMFG!!! I absolutely LOVED it!!! I haven't enjoyed a spuffy fanfic this much in a long time thank u so much :D

Reviewer: Meag
Title: Chapter 9
Date Signed: 06-01-11

Great story, can't wait to read the next. I absolutely LOVE the Edmond/Spike relationship.. it's SO funny, lmao.

Reviewer: Mimi
Title: Chapter 9
Date Signed: 03-31-11

Oh. my God. I loved this, seriously, no words. I would LOVE a sequel (maybe I'm late and there already is one, I hope so)!! Edmund and Isobel were awesome, YESSS. Buffy needs someone to relate to that doesn't remind her of the Angel tragedy. ;) Anyways, thanks!! This was amazing, will continue reading til the end of time, so there! xx MH

Reviewer: Catherine
Title: Chapter 9
Date Signed: 01-31-10

I LOVED THIS!!! Please, please, please write a sequel!

Reviewer: DeepRed
Title: Chapter 9
Date Signed: 09-24-08

Taken a break from reading fanfic for a while as I was getting nothing else done! But when I decided to have another look immediately looked for your new fics. You haven't let me down! Great characterisation and beautiful emotional content as well as the hotness that is Spuffy. Would love to see more of Isobel and Edmund too. Do you write other fiction 'cos I'd love to read that too?

Reviewer: Jenny
Title: Chapter 9
Date Signed: 09-08-08

I loved Edmund & Isobel and their dynamic with Spike and Buffy was great!

Reviewer: Floy
Title: Chapter 9
Date Signed: 05-19-08

Once again, you have amazed me with the brilliance of your stories. I think I have read all but one of them now, and you are by far my favourite spuffy writer. Keep writing!

Reviewer: tinkerbell
Title: Chapter 9
Date Signed: 05-04-08

Awesome story! I really loved it, definitely appreciated the fang fetish you fufilled. Personally, I think the story ends well where you left it. But I would definitely read any sequel coming up, basically anything you write, because have I mentioned yet that you are one of my favorite Spuffy writers ;) Hope to read from you soon!!!

Reviewer: tammy
Title: Chapter 9
Date Signed: 05-03-08

I just found and read this. I absolutely loved it. If you are seriously thinking of a sequel, I will definately read it. Edmund and Isobel are interesting.