Total: 5

Reviewer: Kasondra Strand
Title: Fourteen
Date Signed: 11-08-14

Got to know what happened. Need to know the end of the mystery. I loved it. But, hoping you will finish the story. Need to know how it ends.

Reviewer: Aurora Hernandez
Title: Fourteen
Date Signed: 09-22-10

Good story but u should really finish it.

Reviewer: vladt
Title: Ten
Date Signed: 05-07-09

just rereading to enjoy this excellent tale again. will welcome additional chapters when you can post them. time is never an issue with any of your fine reads. thank you.

Reviewer: Freya
Title: Seven
Date Signed: 03-21-09

I've really enjoyed your story so far. You have a very descriptive writing style that I like, and your characters are well-flushed out. I'd like to read more!

Reviewer: catherine
Title: Seven
Date Signed: 10-18-08

i like it one thing that almost put me off was the fact that Buffy is only like 15 or 16 and Spike is like old but its Buffy and Spike so i read it