Total: 6

Reviewer: Rebekah
Title: Epilogue
Date Signed: 06-06-13

This was an AMAZING story! I absolutely LOVED it!

Reviewer: Francesco
Title: Chapter 6
Date Signed: 12-10-12

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Reviewer: Ninargh
Title: Chapter 34
Date Signed: 09-14-11

Poor Elizabeth! GOD, I went through a similar conversation with my dad when I told him I was studying English at university instead of Law. And then another one when I told him after uni that I was planning to train as a Makeup Artist (Special Effects mainly, wound horns etc). Apparently NEITHER were 'becoming of someone with such intellectual potential'. Fortunately he's accepted that I plan to marry my current boyfriend with minimal (for him) arguments, even with his long hair, beard and tattoos. I swear he nearly breathed fire when I showed him MY tattoos! Tee hee. Fortunately, we don't see each other much *shrug* ANYWAY, after my personal overshare, I wanted to say how much I ADORE this fic! :)

Reviewer: rookie
Title: Epilogue
Date Signed: 06-17-10

great fic. so is this the end or is there still more, because if their is still more, i want more please. i love this fic.

Reviewer: rookiechickie
Title: Chapter 43
Date Signed: 06-17-10

may i say that i love this fic. and on a separate note - i hate you for making me cry while reading chapters 39-41,42. it was like it was happening to me, except nothing like has ever happened to me and i wish sometimes that something like that happened to me because then i might actually experience life once and for all. i'm babbbling, sorry. i dont really hate you , its just those chapters were so... i dont have words to describe them. thank you for writing this beautiful story.

Reviewer: Spikes KittyKat
Title: Epilogue
Date Signed: 01-17-09

Amazing story. Some of the angsty parts where Spike and Elizabeth broke up had me crying. I'm so glad that Elizabeth made the right decisions and was able to get out from under her father's thumb. I was really worried about how she would handle it. Being in college is tough and these two seemed to pull it off well. I'm glad. Keep writing! I enjoyed your story a lot!