Total: 17

Reviewer: Sraya
Title: Chapter 1
Date Signed: 09-20-13

How it should have been written the first time.....loved it.

Reviewer: Kimberly
Title: Chapter 1
Date Signed: 08-11-13

aww that was so sweet. I would have liked to see things work out better between her and Giles eventually but Spike really was her hero. I loved it.

Reviewer: PrettyGirlBPD
Title: Chapter 1
Date Signed: 07-03-12

That was great! I love grown up Buffy but more so family man Spike. It was really perfection right to the end.

Reviewer: Tamsyn
Title: Chapter 1
Date Signed: 11-14-11

So wonderfully written, I must admit i'm pretty gutted that it's a one-shot with no more chapters or sequels. I love the timing and pace of the story, how her feelings sneak up on her without her realising - so very Buffy.

Reviewer: Jags
Title: Chapter 1
Date Signed: 09-14-10

That was great! Completely awesome. I love it when she verbally strings her friends up. Don't like them much after the last season...

Reviewer: Kimberly L
Title: Chapter 1
Date Signed: 03-26-10

Better than Whedon's, love it!!

Reviewer: Jen
Title: Chapter 1
Date Signed: 01-23-10

Wow. That is all I have to say! I don't normally read AU's but this was amazing! It's to bad it's a one-shot...Oh well! :) Loved it! ~Jen

Reviewer: Joyce
Title: Chapter 1
Date Signed: 11-26-09

Wow. That was pretty good!! I read this fic a long time ago, and I just found it again. Still as good as the first time. Keep writing!

Reviewer: Allie
Title: Chapter 1
Date Signed: 09-17-09

I can't believe I'd never read this before!! I love it so much. So awesome....I love the "after-apocalypse" lighthearted romance fics so much... especially from you. I love your characterization. Beautiful.

Reviewer: Buffyconvert
Title: Chapter 1
Date Signed: 03-20-09

Oooh, this is good stuff! I like the stuff about Buffy getting to go back to school because Spike was willing to get a job (and having to see Xander every evening!). If only I had someone to love me like that!

Reviewer: Syliao
Title: Chapter 1
Date Signed: 01-05-09 words. I love this, and everytime I read it, it still makes me shudder at the sweetness and beauty. Love it love it love it.

Reviewer: fyreburned (Kara)
Title: Chapter 1
Date Signed: 12-05-08

Wow, I really loved this one, Addie! I thought I had bled Noct. Light for everything interesting to me, fic-wise, long ago! Thankfully that was not so. I got on a nostalgic fic-kick, and started digging up recced fics, really of all types, but lotsa post-Chosen/NFA stuff, and also a lot of fic written '99-2004 or so, stuff a lot of us that came on the Spuffy bandwagon near the end of the show and fic even later, never saw. I'm not sure when this was written, but somehow tho' I thought I'd read most or all of your fics, I'd missed this one. So, all of that long-winded stuff to say: I really enjoyed this one, and am glad I ran across it and got to read it. It didn't read like crack-fic where you get the story to go in all the directions you wanted the show to go; but it did read like a plausible way it could have gone that would have certainly been less traumatic than that which Joss chose to put characters and audience through. I really liked that your Spike was the voice of calm reason here (although ADHD Spike IS fun to watch in a "pace a hole through a hard-wood floor" kind of way); I think that would have been much of the reason that he survived his long un-life. In his 120+ yrs he watched and learned a great deal (I see the William-ish scholar in him still soaking up knowledge like a sponge; days are long and vampires have to do something with their time, for that is one thing they have in abundance). I think he had to have (especially dealing with Dru, and having lived with Angelus for 20 yrs or so) learned when to cut and run, when to stand fast, when to fight and when to be calm; and also to lay some plans. I think somehow, that Spike would have to have some money, finances, property, etc, tucked away somewhere, even if only from when he was human; surely robbing Giles and Xander blind of their cash etc would've been a grand game to him! Therefore, I love the way he stood steadfast by Buffy in this fic: picking his battles, taking what she could give him calmly, standing by her and rationally helping her through her anxiety attacks and troubles to keep her deathwish at bay, even to the point of gainful employment not involving farm-animal-hats. It certainly made more sense than her housing persistent freeloaders. The three of them, Buffy, Dawn, and Spike, as family, was lovely. And the amazing concept herein, was that it was FUNCTIONAL! As opposed to the total dysfunctionality that was the lot of them on the show. Again, loved it, and thanks for having written it! ~~Kara

Reviewer: leah
Title: Chapter 1
Date Signed: 08-17-08

this is great. it's exactly what they should've done with the show.

Reviewer: evangelin
Title: Chapter 1
Date Signed: 07-16-08

I was really bored today...then I found your story and life changed :D It's perfect from the begining to the end!

Reviewer: Jennifer
Title: Chapter 1
Date Signed: 09-20-07

Brilliant. This was really a lovely little piece. I love how naturally you developed their relationship. This would have made a wonderful season six. I especially love Dawn's line after the parent teacher night about how " one had to hit Spike in the head with an axe! -great.