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Reviewer: Miranda
Title: Chapter 25
Date Signed: 01-21-13


Reviewer: Tiffany0314
Title: Chapter 25
Date Signed: 04-09-12

Words can honestly not even describe how happy I am that there IS a sequel to this story! It was marvelous and so unique, and definitely a tear jerker! I'm very much looking forward to starting on that sequel! Thank you so very much for this masterpiece. You truly are a talent. Tiffany

Reviewer: Evelyn
Title: Chapter 25
Date Signed: 08-02-10

Wow! This is perfect - it fixes everything in the later seasons that made me yell at the TV. I loved Buffy's redemption, her yelling at Xander and her devotion to Spike. Finally! I only wish it really ended this way. Thanks for a great story. E

Reviewer: Emma
Title: Chapter 25
Date Signed: 05-16-09

fantastic story, loved the ending, great writing

Reviewer: David
Title: Chapter 25
Date Signed: 04-10-09

I don't think it's a cop out, I think it's bloody torchure! More muse please, please. :)

Reviewer: katie
Title: Chapter 25
Date Signed: 05-07-08

OMG Perfection! I loved it! If this was what happened I would be so happy! They totally need to use this idea and put the show or movie back on the air!

Reviewer: annonymous
Title: Chapter 25
Date Signed: 12-14-07

A good story probably but chapter 22 repeated itself exactly in the link to chapter 23 so I feel I missed some pivotal plot lines if chapter 23 exists but not posted here correctly. After the heading for chapter 22 and 23 the text was the same. Both started off with Spike staring at a cell phone then chapter 24 starts with Spike and Buffy ducking into a crypt but the altercation that obviously occurred between Angel and Spike must have be in Chapter 23 which I can't find. Could you please correct this so I can finish the story?

Reviewer: thomasann
Title: Chapter 25
Date Signed: 08-23-07


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