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Reviewer: CazufCvqgj
Title: Chapter 16
Date Signed: 11-10-16

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Reviewer: LznonIiqmj
Title: Chapter 16
Date Signed: 10-03-16

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Reviewer: GgfzaLsagx
Title: Chapter 16
Date Signed: 09-28-16

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Reviewer: blackhawks throwback jersey
Title: Chapter 16
Date Signed: 09-26-16

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Reviewer: VagajYxrgi
Title: Chapter 16
Date Signed: 07-21-16

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Reviewer: Erin
Title: Chapter 36: The fear of comparison
Date Signed: 01-15-16

So just wanted to tell you how much I loved your Origins trilogy! And wanted to know if there are any plans to finish this last story? I'm on pins and needles! :)

Reviewer: Theresa
Title: Chapter 36: The fear of comparison
Date Signed: 12-29-15

Excellent!!! Only one problem. . . .is this all there is???? So sorry, but I really want more! Thanks for writing this series.

Reviewer: Theresa
Title: Chapter 9: The sin of broken faith
Date Signed: 12-24-15

I have read the two previous stories in this series, and thoroughly enjoyed them both. I am also enjoying this one. Now, if only Travers' crew and Riley and the Initiative would get swallowed by the Hellmouth, Buffy and Spike might get to be happy! Thanks for sharing your talent with the rest of us.

Reviewer: Rae
Title: Chapter 36: The fear of comparison
Date Signed: 08-23-15

It can't end their - I love this story- I need to know what happens next

Reviewer: Mel
Title: Real life, depicted in song
Date Signed: 08-27-14

Plz plz finish this fic I've just spent the last few days reading the origin story's and I can't get enough they are wonderful. kinda how I wish the show would have gone. I know u probably have better things to do I just wanted u to know I've really injoyed reading these. thank you.

Reviewer: Miranda
Title: Chapter 36: The fear of comparison
Date Signed: 01-09-13

Really? That can't be all. Not a good way to end the story. Really good up to that point. But if you don't finish the story it kind of ruins the whole series because we invested so much time into it.

Reviewer: Kate
Title: Chapter 36: The fear of comparison
Date Signed: 01-04-13

Originverse is an amazing adventure! I love your writing; I think I have read at least 75% of your work and I am working on the other 25% asap. To those who are looking for the end, go here for the rest of the story:

Reviewer: Chingaaree
Title: Chapter 36: The fear of comparison
Date Signed: 01-02-13

I've just finished reading your Originsverse Saga, including the entry for seasonal spuffy. Im not really the one for fanfiction, but I got into the whole spuffy thing because i had extra time on my hands and fond memories of the show since I was a kid. When I watched the final seasons, I really felt bitter disappointment at how it all ends (I feel a bit silly about that :)) and that the two blondes didn't get the epic (and longer) love story I felt they should have. I loved your alternative, and the whole Originsverse, but I can't help feeling a bit sad that its all over... Maybe another book? :D There is just sooo much material! There is a whole lot of story to be told between Resolutions and Destinies! And i have so many questions that need answering :D

Reviewer: Nicole
Title: Chapter 36: The fear of comparison
Date Signed: 08-02-12

I've only recently stumbled upon Buffy fanfic, and Spuffy in particular (having never seen the show until a couple months ago). Coming across your Originsverse, I've blown through your stories in under two weeks. It's amazing that what takes so much time and effort for an author to write can be absorbed by a reader in so little time. I wanted to review to assure you that people are still reading your stories, and still appreciate your writing. I've enjoyed reading your work, and I hope you continue to write--fanfiction, original, and otherwise. Best-- Nicole

Reviewer: stella
Title: Real life, depicted in song
Date Signed: 06-20-12

i have just stumbled on this story, unfortunately i came to the reviews first, (i wish i hadnt now),i read all of the reviews and there is disappointment at the way it has ended by everyone who left a review, my question is, will this ever be finished?, i have read many unfinished stories and dont know if i could read something that will never be updated, my next question is, is there something i should read before i start this?, what i mean is is this the beginning of the Origins saga?