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Reviewer: kaoya
Title: Chapter 38
Date Signed: 10-14-07

Haha! Nice cliffhanger - you make me flinch (in a good way though!). I personally would like to see some more disagreements between Buffy and Spike where their tempers come to play, and how they manage to handle it especially now with the whole engaged thing.

Reviewer: kaoya
Title: Chapter 37
Date Signed: 10-14-07

hehe .. I was so excited when I saw the updates! xD The marriage bit went smoother than I originally anticipated, but it was alright. Not cliched. The JoycexGiles bit is getting me a bit wigged out though, lol. Keep it up!

Reviewer: kaoya
Title: Chapter 36: Hey, Little Sister
Date Signed: 10-09-07

Your fanfiction has been great so far! I've enjoyed every chapter, and the changes you've made match the plotline so perfectly. :) All your effort put into it is extremely appreciated. However, I have a question; why did Spike make references to a 'Glinda' in Ch. 33? There were about only two times he called Tara/Mairead Glinda. Could that be a typo? Thank again, please keep it up!

Reviewer: Deb
Title: Chapter 27: The Path to Redemption
Date Signed: 07-27-07

A lovely captivating fic. Excellent character portrayals. Your writing "as always" is spot on and a joy to read. Looking forward to your updates.