Total: 6

Reviewer: christin
Title: Epilogue
Date Signed: 08-23-12

Wow this story was an emotional rollercoaster, cried through most of it.could help but have happy tears for the last chapter. Thank you for this story.

Reviewer: Fenrir
Title: Epilogue
Date Signed: 04-03-12

Dark, depressing, but oh so Buffy. The only issue I have is the remorse Angelus apparently showed at the death of Darla. For Angelus, at least in the show, remorse was for lesser beings. Beyond that, though, everyone was very believable. Also, your warning was pretty over the top. This, while disturbing, was not particularly explicit, and honestly didn't deserve the label you placed. Still, it is dark as hell, and I'm pretty hard to wig out, so I might be the wrong person to ask.

Reviewer: Kamren
Title: Ten
Date Signed: 07-31-11

This is way more helpful than atynhnig else I've looked at.

Reviewer: Spikeskatmac
Title: Chapter 7
Date Signed: 03-03-08

Amazing chapter; I love how the despair from the excerpts in the past are tempered by the hope in the present day bits. Can't wait for more.

Reviewer: Spikeskatmac
Title: Six
Date Signed: 02-26-08

I'll hang tight through however long you need to take; I love your writing, and this story really speaks to something inside of me; thank you!

Reviewer: Spikeskatmac
Title: Five
Date Signed: 12-03-07

Gotta say, I love your work. I follow Origins voraciously; loved Baby Love, Campfire & your other stories, and now this one. Please update again soon; the pain and horror in this story speaks to my heart, I finish every chapter with tears in my eyes, but hope in my soul. I can only imagine how difficult a story like this must be to write, but please keep with it; you have an amazing gift. I simply cannot wait to read more.