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Reviewer: DmcxuOzfup
Title: VII
Date Signed: 09-19-16

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Reviewer: Kathryn Palmer-Smith
Title: XV
Date Signed: 05-04-14

This story is amazing. You have the characters so spot on that when they spoke It felt like they were actually in the room with me.

Reviewer: air max 90 cheap
Title: VII
Date Signed: 02-09-14

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Reviewer: Jess
Title: XV
Date Signed: 07-16-13

This is so freaking brilliant. I've read a couple of angsty fics with horrible wrenching ambiguous endings recently, and I was terrified the whole time that something was going to go wrong - thank you for writing such a beautiful love story and letting it be beautiful at the end too!! I really needed this.

Reviewer: Hannah
Title: XV
Date Signed: 09-09-12

So, she wasn't concerned at any point about whether he was still feeding from people?

Reviewer: gabrielleabelle
Title: XV
Date Signed: 09-24-11

Okay, so I'm trying to comment on fics I've read, and I read this a long time ago and then reread it so here's a comment! Love it. I like seeing what a Buffy/Spike relationship might look like if Buffy hadn't yet gone through all the Angel-trauma. Also, love the dream concept. Lovely. :)

Reviewer: Jags
Title: XV
Date Signed: 05-29-11

That was an awesome story. i can't wait to read more of your work!

Reviewer: jewel5
Title: II
Date Signed: 07-16-08

Wow, this is soooo hot!! I'm loving it already...great job!

Reviewer: buffymon
Title: II
Date Signed: 06-24-07

wow, I must say I liked this. So, so, soo hot! Im looking forward to reading the rest