Total: 11

Reviewer: nmcil
Title: Chapter 1
Date Signed: 02-09-17

Interest indeed - it's nice going back to early university phase Buffy -

Reviewer: Kal
Title: Chapter 13
Date Signed: 10-16-14

Ok, I was a little iffy for the first half of this, but so so glad I kept reading. So awesome!

Reviewer: Vrolok
Title: Chapter 13
Date Signed: 12-29-11

Great story, absolutely great. Full of passion and love. I really enjoyed reading it. Although it took just a pair of hours, but it was worth it.

Reviewer: Emma
Title: Chapter 13
Date Signed: 05-05-09

really GREAT story

Reviewer: emma
Title: Chapter 13
Date Signed: 09-04-08

really great story & v well written

Reviewer: evangelin
Title: Chapter 13
Date Signed: 07-21-08

Bloody awesome!

Reviewer: JACKSON
Title: Chapter 13
Date Signed: 01-07-08


Reviewer: christina robinson
Title: Chapter 13
Date Signed: 07-26-07

that was a good ending. i just enjoyed it when buffy went off on riley. i love it when spike n buffy r together n there's riley smashing. great story keep it up. youll do great.

Reviewer: christina
Title: Chapter 11
Date Signed: 07-20-07

i cant wait to see wat happens next. im just so excited and curious to see if buffy comes to the rescue n beats the shit out of riley even though its not a angsty fic or watever u write for the ending. i bet it's gonna be good!!!!

Reviewer: Jennifer
Title: Chapter 9
Date Signed: 07-10-07

Keep writing!!! This is a lot of fun. I may agree with Spike-Naughty Punk Buffy is way more fun. :)

Reviewer: DayWalker
Title: Chapter 8
Date Signed: 05-26-07

Great fic! I bet Buffy's loving the freedom from all her friends' expectations. Them having sex in Angel's car was mean...and I absolutely loved it. I also like Tara standing up to Angel. I can't wait to see what Riley's reaction will be.