Total: 5

Reviewer: Maggie
Title: Epilogue
Date Signed: 08-04-10

Wel, that was dark, but I kinda liked it. People who are both physically and mentally hurting their family should burn in hell for eternity. But in spite of the fact that I really hate these kind of issues I think you wrote great story, one that got me thinking...thank you!

Reviewer: evangelin
Title: Epilogue
Date Signed: 07-23-08

I love it. I'm kind of happy that I read it when it was finished because I'm as impatient as Spike but still I wish I had seen the process. However, I do love it. I cried once and it was at the end. Hell, I love cring because of how perfect the end is, not because of how hellish it is. And that was the perfect end(or how they say in one of my favourite films-Anastasia) no, the perfect beginning.

Reviewer: Jennifer
Title: Epilogue
Date Signed: 09-24-07

Even though I have enjoyed a few of your stories I kind of avoided this one, unsure as to whether or not I could handle the angst you so kindly warned of-I did and I'm glad. This one will stay with me for a bit. Maybe focus on a lighter one next?

Reviewer: anonymous
Title: Chapter 1
Date Signed: 11-02-06

I hope William turns into Spike soon. Regardless, I'm intrigued and intend to keep reading, it's quite enjoyable.

Reviewer: deb
Title: Chapter 3
Date Signed: 11-01-06

im not usually a fan of angst and i tend to stay far FAR away from unhappy stories (i cry when things dont go my way) but, despite the kinda scary authors note, i couldnt resist this one. ANYWAY i love it so far, but keep it up and UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE! im not an extremely patient person and i will get pushy if i dont get a regular fix. ta