Total: 8

Reviewer: ed hardy bags uk
Title: Chapter 16
Date Signed: 04-29-14

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Reviewer: Kirsten
Title: Chapter 27
Date Signed: 06-25-11

Amazing! This story made me sob at every chapter (no joke - frowny face at prologue, but honest tears there on. There were tears of pity, anger, and sadness up to chapter 22, and then the tear-reasoning sorta fluctuated between happiness and sadness). Because of this, I don't think I will be reading Rebecca, as just reading this was quite an exhausting experience. Really - absolutely gorgeous job. I enjoy reading all of your stories (I'm not quite finished reading all of them). I hope that you will continue with your talent in writing - I would LOVE to read a book written by you!

Reviewer: Margaret
Title: Chapter 27
Date Signed: 11-08-09

I just found this and have been glued to the computer screen to finish it. I read "Rebecca" many years ago and thought it was a great novel then but you have put my favorite people in your work and made it different yet wonderful. I had forgotten the basics of the original and was on tenterhooks for WIlliam and Buffy. I cried in the angsty parts and cheered when it was evident that the heroes had overcome the horrendous events. Thank you for the enormous time and effort you have put into this story. Words cannot express my appreciation!

Reviewer: nmcil
Title: Chapter 25
Date Signed: 02-21-08

Holly - just want to check in and say my "Big Thanks" for bringing us this story in the first place, Rebecca being one of my favs as well, both novel and film. And my special thanks for keeping with the project even with all your "ready to go" excitment with your new project, which I look forward. Love this work - took a little time off from reading to have a few chapters reading pleasure at once-

Reviewer: Deb
Title: Chapter 24
Date Signed: 02-14-08

"Hang on, it's going to be a bumpy ride." Exceptional writing on a difficult journey thus far. Looking foward to your continued work on this fic. It's a fascinating read.

Reviewer: luv
Title: Prologue
Date Signed: 12-19-07

about 1 year ago I decided to read completed fics only. your summery is really captivating ... I'll read as soon as its done... can't wait!

Reviewer: Yani
Title: Chapter 14
Date Signed: 05-23-07

This is such a great chapter! Mrs. Hart is starting to show her true colors and good lord is she creepy! Excellent job, my dear. :o)

Reviewer: jo
Title: Chapter 2
Date Signed: 10-07-06

This story has an old world charm to it, I almost feel like in there with them watching them interact,but thats all due to your terrific writing style. Your pulling this story off beatifully,can't wait to read more.