Total: 6

Reviewer: syriabla
Title: Epilogue
Date Signed: 10-04-13

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Reviewer: Kate
Title: Epilogue
Date Signed: 12-11-12

This story was amazing; I think I spent half of it in tears!

Reviewer: meri
Title: Epilogue
Date Signed: 05-03-11

So reading about your muse made me want to torment mine a little...tried my hand at a poem after reading this story. Thanks for the inspiration :-).

Reviewer: anne
Title: Chapter 1
Date Signed: 05-16-09

Haha that was a cute and surprising end. I love it, thank you!

Reviewer: xoChantelly
Title: Epilogue
Date Signed: 03-04-09

I EFFIN LOVED THIS STORY! I know your probly getting used to seeing my reviews because i can't seem to get enough of your stories. The only time i review is when i read a story that i truley enjoy tho and so far there is only two authors that make me review on every story i read. I laughed at the things Buffy said, and i cried when reading about the pain the both were experiencing without each other. I loved the ending.. It was awesome. Very fitting. Anyways... Keep it up, because OMG i love your stories! MUCH LOVE!! Chantel

Reviewer: Michaela
Title: Epilogue
Date Signed: 06-29-08

I just wanted to say that this fic is amazing and you are a wonderful writer. I hope that I might write as well as you.