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Reviewer: Natasha Adams
Title: Chapter 33
Date Signed: 12-28-15

Please finish this it is the best fanfic I have ever read and I was really excited to see it come full circle! I have read all 30 plus chapters and every time I finished one I hoped it kept going, then it stopped and I need a conclusion!

Reviewer: REGINA
Title: Chapter 33
Date Signed: 06-16-15


Reviewer: kat
Title: Chapter 33
Date Signed: 02-10-15

Oh this is awesome, please tell me it's on going still.

Reviewer: Anne
Title: Chapter 33
Date Signed: 12-17-12

What comes next?

Reviewer: Janice
Title: Chapters 1-4
Date Signed: 11-06-12

The interaction between Lorne and Angel is particularly wonderful, and Angel's multi-factedness - angry, guilty, brooding, demanding - is beautifully written (and I don't even like Angel - heck, I have only seen a few eps of AtS, including IWRY.)

Reviewer: mazza
Title: Chapter 33
Date Signed: 09-16-10

I can't believe I just found some chapters of this - I love this story and what an ending is there more anywhere?

Reviewer: Nicole
Title: Chapter 33
Date Signed: 05-31-10

Omg this is amazing. It gave me mixed emotions and i completly love it i wish the rest of it was up i am dying to know wat happens

Reviewer: brittany
Title: Chapters 1-4
Date Signed: 05-19-10

do angel and buffy get back togther in this stoy it was really sad to see him go angleave her at the end of graduation they should be togther they desreve each other they shouldnt listen to what other people think of their relationship not giles,willow,xander,cordelia,wesley,or joyce

Reviewer: Mary
Title: Chapter 33
Date Signed: 03-15-10

Wow, totally awesome story! I've spent a whole night just reading it:) Please, please, write more! I'll be coming back to reread and to check for the update. See you!

Reviewer: All4Spike
Title: Chapter 33
Date Signed: 03-13-10

Wonderful to see an update. Can't wait to find out how Buffy's doing, how Xander is going to react to bing a Spike substitute and how the Dawn problem is resolved. More please.

Reviewer: tammy
Title: Chapter 28
Date Signed: 04-05-07

Thanks for the update. It was well worth the wait.

Reviewer: jane
Title: Chapter 25
Date Signed: 11-02-06

Really pleased to see this story updated. It's great fun.

Reviewer: tammy
Title: Chapter 25
Date Signed: 10-06-06

I am on pins and needles. I really love this fic. I can't wait to see how it turns out but then again I don't want it to be over.

Reviewer: Tammy
Title: Chapter 24
Date Signed: 09-04-06

I have followed this from the beginning and I love it.