Total: 8

Reviewer: Kristopher
Title: Chapter 31: Warpath
Date Signed: 01-02-17

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Reviewer: Eve
Title: Chapter 31: Warpath
Date Signed: 11-25-16

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Reviewer: Spuffy Fan
Title: Chapter 31: Warpath
Date Signed: 06-04-15

This is an awesome fic - so well-written, hooks you in with every twist and turn. Please please please finish it! Something so well done with so much effort put into it deserves closure.

Reviewer: Lazzle
Title: Chapter 31: Warpath
Date Signed: 03-28-13

I've just spent the better part of three days reading this. It is beautifully descriptive and very in character. But it's not finished! Argh! How frustrating!

Reviewer: Sraya
Title: Chapter 31: Warpath
Date Signed: 01-27-13

I cried matter what else you do , you have to finish this story. You not only need to finish the story for us the fans but you owe it to yourself..... don't settle for mediocre or ordinary you can be phenomenal . You truly have a gift .....and I really need the rest of this story... Sraya

Reviewer: mattymays
Title: Chapter 31: Warpath
Date Signed: 12-22-11

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Reviewer: Latisha
Title: Chapter 22: Judgement
Date Signed: 07-31-11

Wait, I cannot fathom it being so srtaihgtofrward.

Reviewer: ramona
Title: Chapter 30: Like Hell
Date Signed: 10-12-09

God! The story is amazing and your wryting is so great i 'm totaly lost in the sory's action!!! Please finish it!!! You will do us a great favor!!! Have you ever thought about wriyting a book??